Technical Difficulties and Minisode 3

Minisode 3: Nova’s Ship

Alright here’s a wide variety of things no one asked for and everyone’s going to get anyway. ItMe, always is, always will be. This episode is not exactly done, nor is the sound as well balanced as I’d like it to be and I’d like to warn you that it came out A BIT LOUD. See, the problem is, I’m currently sitting here watching the little bar of battery life slowly drain from my wonderful, beautiful lifeline to the outer world. And you may find yourself asking, ItMe, why are you being so dramatic about your laptop dying? And I am here to say, small child of indeterminate gender, if only it were so easy, but alas my charger is as the kids would say “fucked up” and amazon is not delivering until the twentieth (Writing this on the 18th, tried same day delivery PAID for same day delivery but whatcha gonna do?). Why not use another computer? Well my other computer is a 4RAM POS trying it’s best and I will not ask it to go through the hell of running audacity and two other programs at the same time. Running explorer (I know, but 4 RAM, remember?) and Word kinda makes it freak out already.

Anyway, I’ve prepared this a day early shored up what I could. It should be launched on time though some of the readings are more off than usual but a) this is an minisode and b) there are some time constraints. Also I had to put this episode together twice because I lost the frickin’ file and honestly at this point it’s feeling kinda cursed.

Very minor spoilers. Nothing I think is too important. Anyway TL:DR Laptop charger broke episode kinda unfinished but hey! At least it’s on time.

Next episode barring any more misfortune should be ready on Wednesday the 27th

Published by ItMe

It me. Who wrote this? It me. Why is the sound quality so bad? It me. Who voiced it? Honest to god, if it wasn't me we got a problem.

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