New Mic and Episode 4!

Episode 4: In Which Nova Actually Gets to Work

New mic! You know what that means!! A whole new host of problems I have no idea how to deal with, but the sound quality is sooo much better. Alright, customary disclaimer, my headset was being weird so I’m not sure if it’s just my headphones or if the entire podcast is about to play solely your left ear…ha…haha…ha…I tried to order a new aux but UPS told me to pick it up at the facility and then…neglected to give me the location of the facility and…really…just…I think I might have bad luck with deliveries…maybe I’m cursed.

Good news though, I’ve finished writing the entire first arc! It’s a bit longer than I anticipated but, hey, that’s not really a problem. Episode 5 is gonna be really weird, so brace yourselves. Also, fair warning, next week’s Minisode is NOT CANON, it’s not even set in this world, none of the characters you know and love will be involved in it. I just found something I wrote in college and thought it’d be pretty good to actually make it. Podcasts will continue as usual the week after.

Published by ItMe

It me. Who wrote this? It me. Why is the sound quality so bad? It me. Who voiced it? Honest to god, if it wasn't me we got a problem.

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