Minisode 5 and a Bonus

Minisode 5: In Which Hatov Sneaks Out
Extra Episode With No Relation to Anything

Alright, hear me out here…I’m stupid. I did two in a week and I will never do that again, I’m dying. Anyway, meet Wilm. I actually like him a lot though he won’t appear much in the main story. He’s a sweetheart and he has a deep and unstoppable love of puns. I can appreciate that.

The 2nd release is…uhm…to be judged as you desire. In high school I had developed the entire plot, list of characters, religion, and religious symbolism, class system, and whatnot for a fictional world and…I immediately lost it. All that remains is a small nearly indecipherable notebook with everything plot related and…basically nothing else. I apparently wrote a podcast episode in college.

I have no recollection of doing so.

That’s a lot of college in a nutshell.

Anyway, I saw it and felt like making it so…here we are!

Also why does Wilm sound so much like Hatov? Because they’re related.

Sound Effects:

All from

  • Hasbrouck: Writing Quickly In Pen
  • Barnarnarbunny: Footsteps-3
  • Macif: Door Knocking Angry
  • Inspectorj: Door Front Opening A
  • Moniquekruger: Necklace
  • SooDesune: Cosmeticsbagdump
  • Gthall: Night Amb 0325
  • Sjturia: Window opening
  • Marcusgar: Drawer
  • Cueckermann: Shifting in bed
  • Jtnewlin13: footsteps on tile
  • Sturmankin: Carpet 01b barefeet shuffle doormat

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