Meeting Alula and New Years

Minisode: In Which Nova and Alula Meet (12.31.2019)

Who’s a boss bitch? I’m a boss bitch! Guess who isn’t down to the wire this week?? I’m skimming the wire but it’s 9am when I’m writing this! Not 11:59 and crying tears of panic and fear.

Trust me, this is important

Happy New Years everybody! 2019 was…interesting. I’m looking forward to putting in my best effort in 2020. New Years Resolution? Try to be nicer to myself and have fun making what I want to make. I have 6 months until the shackles fall, so until then, I will be enjoying myself to the fullest.

Meet Alula, the semi-parental figure to Nova. She’s…excitable, but I absolutely adore her. I try to make my characters complex (I know, it’s so very obvious in the first 5 episodes or so) but Alula really is something else. I might consider doing a miniseries on both her and Jeanne because quite frankly they are two kickass broads and they deserve respect. (Not admiration, do not admire Jeanne, for the love of god.)

BTW I spent the last week wondering why no one listened to the last episode…because usually someone does…turns out I forgot the tags. Because…just because…

Sound Effects this time (

  • lowpolygon’s heavy mechanical door
  • jtnewlin13’s heavy footsteps on tile
  • usamah’s crouching and getting up dress
  • crcavol’s walkie-talkie static
  • iamamakesmusic’s buttons switches various on off
  • ddunkley’s footstep’s on metal

Music from
“Mana 2 Part 2”, “Sincerely”, by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

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