Evolution and Episode 6!

In Which Hatov Goes on an Adventure

Alright, I learned a thing.

I learned some things. First of all, I’m writing this on a Monday which pretty much shatters all my previous records. Look at what actual time management does! Just look at it!! This is wild.

Second of all, I was experimenting. So to get the full effect it’s probably best to listen to this with headphones…or like…in a car…

Third of all, I learned a bit about how to doctor my own sounds! Exciting! (Pumped about the Gnorrian growl.)

Fourth, I don’t think I made it very clear about how frikkin’ large some of the species in Nova’s world are. I’ve completed a bit of a shift in my thinking about how sound should be used and presented so I think this is a better overall product. This episode is the best I can do at this time. I’m proud of this one.

Fifth, I’m going to stop apologizing for Hatov’s accent. It’s a fictional accent, based on nothing in particular (at least not consciously) and I’ll get better at it as time goes on. A lot of this will…just…take time. Gotta get better at acknowledging that…

Lastly, to whomever made the walla I use in the Gnorrian market in both episodes 2 and 6, I’m really, really, sorry, but I can’t find your file name. I looked on incompetech and couldn’t find it. If you find this please contact me so I can credit you. Really, really sorry about that, it’s a really nice file.

New Year, more chances for improvement



Sound Effect List (dear god, this one was a doozy. Half the sounds on here were just…abused in this version, like straight up) All from incompetech.

ddunkley: footsteps on metal
mornerdelport: zipper zip and unzip sfx
RutgerMuller: Metal Object Tapped
Usamah: crouching and getting up dress
Harpoyume: sound of the wind comes from the tunnel 3
eelke: boots on aluminum ladder 02
musicandsoundyay: sliding door opening and closing
barnarnar bunny: footsteps 3
Nuclearoid: Gas Mask Breath
Drinking Wind Games: Horse Small Whinny
Joshwashere: Lego bricks Clicking and Moving
DaxSchaffer: Ominous Heavy Breathing
Reitanna: big thud2
Kane53126: Body Thud
TomchickRec Breathing: Slow, Distraught, Tired
cischill: Breath hunman Sci2
ckvoiceover: Breathing
Launemax: breathing
Bosk1: Wind at door howling 4
DJ Burnham: Cushion pat
Jeffreys2: Wind heulen wind howling
Redjim: Coathanger Rustling
Kyster: bell 3
Humga: Heavy Fabric Dancing
Trebblofang: spaceship_engineroom_1

Featured Music from https://filmmusic.io
“Night Snow” by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

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It me. Who wrote this? It me. Why is the sound quality so bad? It me. Who voiced it? Honest to god, if it wasn't me we got a problem.

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