Minisode 7: Have I found a rhythm??

Minisode Episode 7: In Which Alula Starts Breaking Barriers


Guess who’s no longer going straight to the line for updates? This woman! And this is like the third week in a row, not to mention that the next episode has already been recorded!

This week’s problem is *drum roll* acting. None of the lines came out the way I wanted them to. What you’re listening to has shattered the 3 trial rule and danced on its grave (for minisodes I usually only record the lines 3 times because the point is to make it quickly). So, goodbye arbitrary rule no one held me to.

We hardly knew ye.

Other issues I am currently facing: What the hell am I doing? Am I doing this right? How does sound design work? Is the story progressing well? (Won’t know the answer to that last one until like…ep 15 to be fair) Most of those questions do not have a satisfactory answer, been searching online. The podcast community for beginners…not terribly forthcoming unless you’re looking to listen to podcasts about podcasts or you know, know precisely what you’re doing wrong. I’m batting 0 for 2. So far what I’ve found for sound design has been the equivalent of the “close your eyes and feel it in your soul”. My soul is corrupt. A dark black void of devilry.

Anyway, if anybody has insight on that…feel free to comment.



Also random reader DirtySciFiBuddha has returned to like my page once again. You were missed.

Sound Effects this Episode

InspectorJ: Clap, Single, 10.wav
trebblofang: Spaceship-engineroom-1.wav
15FPanska_KristynaHaupt” 22_cardboard box, unpacked; cardboard.wav
jamesburton: Thud thud.wav
ddunkley: footsteps on metal.wav

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