Episode 8: Hey, I’m Writing this on Sunday!!

Hello, hello! Records shattered, I know. I got sick this week and having nothing better to do with my life, just poured a shit ton of time into the sound design for this episode. I’ve done a thing though, something smart…ish, also known as something that should’ve been done from the frickin’ beginning.

I made maps! Structures for buildings! Floor Plans!

So, it turns out that searching “sound-design for podcasts” gives you a lot of information in the way of cleaning audio and choosing music, but not really much in the way of giving a sense of space and location. However searching “sound-design for animation” gives a much better result for what I’m trying to do.

To work most of the techniques (or any) I really need know what everything looks like and how the characters interact with the environment. So, this has been INCREDIBLY helpful. Hahaha I’ve been suffering.

Sound Effects

mmaruska: FootstepsOnaDock.wav
soundmary: footsteps on metal.mp3
peridactyloptrix: Servo Noises
bosk1: wind-at-door-howling-4
jeffreys2: wind-heulen-wind-howling
BMacZero: Thud3,wav
Razzvio: Metal Fire Escape.wav
DineoMichelle: Metal chair on tile floor
ddunkley: footsteps on metal
AlecCorday: Metal Cup Drop
170048@virtualwindow.co.za: Hangers sliding in Closet.wav
avakas: lying-on-bed
satanicupsman: thin-metal-slamming
WeeJee_vdH: Velcro
Perel: SFX_plastic_fall
Mornedelport: Zipper zip and unzip sfx
Humga: Heavy Fabric Dancing
Sgrowe: light thud 4

Episode 8: In Which Nova Finally Goes to Bed

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It me. Who wrote this? It me. Why is the sound quality so bad? It me. Who voiced it? Honest to god, if it wasn't me we got a problem.

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