Episode 9 and what happened to the Minisode?

Hey, yeah…no minisode this week. These episodes used to take me forever, but I’ve finally found a system that works for me (last three episodes or so). For reference, just putting an episode together (the lines, not the sfx, just the readings) used to take around eight hours, it now takes just over three…so I thought, why not? I’m releasing an official episode this week and we’ll see how I feel doing batches of three or four official episodes for each minisode. Or, you know, just doing the minisodes on the side and posting them like I’d originally intended? Lol.

So…one thing I never anticipated doing this was how far my voice would reach. Like distance-wise. Not a lot of people are listening which is fine, but I’ve some listeners in Belgium, Brazil, and Australia…which makes sense…I mean the internet is a huge place and if you put something out there, sometimes people will listen but it never, ever, ever, once crossed my mind that they’d listen to me. Funny thing is, I can actually understand french, german, and spanish, (rudimentary, but I can hold my own. Please never ask me to translate, I’ll short circuit and look like an idiot.) so like, leave me a message if you want, we’ll see what I can do. Hell, I need the practice.

Anyway, I’m super excited for this episode to come out, it’s the first time Hatov and Nova meet when each is at 100%. I never realized quite how much they contrasted and clashed when I was writing this out, it’s really different hearing how they interact instead of reading it.

Lesson this week was putting all the stuff I learned from the other weeks together. This is a really labor intensive process, but I think it turned out alright ^.^ Still trying to get precisely the sound I want, but I think I’m getting closer.

Unrelated: caught up on Dragon Prince, Derry Girls and started watching the Locke House (I get trapped for three hours or so doing my hair…there’s not much else to do while doing it…so television it is) Anyone have any other suggestions? (Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime)?



Episode 9: In Which Things Start in Earnest (2.11.2020)

Sound Effects from FreeSound.org

bone666138: Analog Alarm Clock
Rudmer_Rotteveel: Karabiner Clicks
krnash: Hitting Bed with Pillow.wav
avakas: lying-on-bed
usamah: crouching-and-getting-up-dress
DWOBoyle: Spaceship_Door_Open.wav
ryanharding95: Eating Chips.wav
lmbubec: 18_Opening_Chip_Bag.wav
sound_ims: dressing-nylons.wav
MAJo61785: walking on carpet.aif (???)
florianreichelt: doing the dishes (https://www.instagram.com/florianreichelt/)
Vsmpirella17: Washing Dishes2.wav
FillSoko: Faucet
lucaslara: Water on Cup_1-2.aif
oddmonolithsound: Glass on wood.mp3
jskrundz: carpet_footsteps.wav
Slooshie_96: Footsteps on tiles.wav
calopa310: ceramic dishes.wav
ftpalad: beer bottle opening.aif
IndianaParkWars: Sipping Tea.mp3
freqman: pa-microphone-feedback-2
BockelSound: Abnehmen und Aufsetzen.wav
kyles: chair leather sit down get up reaks smooth.wav
Nightflame: setting down cup
Benboncan: Headbanging 2.wav


A to the O by Diamond Ortiz

Not my intention, but apparently this is happening and I really do like the beat so…here it is…show them some love, I guess?? How long has embedding videos like this been possible??

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