Episode 12: Aleera

Episode 12: In Which Death is Negotiated

Hi Everyone,

I fucking love Aleera. I love every one off character I’ve made and they all have backstories because I am a fool and no one can stop me. Anyway, Aleera’s just casually murderous, why? I mean they’re a valuable prostitute during a time of political instability. They will literally kill anyone they even suspect will get in their way.

Love them so much.

The music this time is Orbital Romance and yes, I chose it entirely because of the name.

I liked the idea of the king of Iurus just orbiting the one person he truly desired unable to get as close as he wanted in any sort of official capacity and pining away as he faces the fact that he is merely another one of their patrons. So, he showers them with gifts and money trying to become someone who matters. While Aleera is literally having a fucking party with the political clout they’ve gotten their hands on.

Just to say, Aleera doesn’t love the king in any way shape or form, they’re just very good at their job.

So, lessons this time…uhm…I’m honestly just trying my best here. I don’t know how to make it better or worse at this juncture most of the podcasts I listen to don’t really try to do this. It’s a bit touch and go. I am accepting suggestions. I wanted to rerecord some lines but my voice is thrashed right now and it’s not going to happen.

On a personal note, sometimes, it doesn’t feel like anyone’s listening, but I’ve only been at it for three months. I’ve just gotta keep it moving, I mean it’s not as if the listener trend isn’t going in the right direction.

Oh, and just as a bonus, a minisode is in the works and should be released some time in the next week.



Sound Effects from Freesound.org

Breaking Ceramic tile: deleted_user_7146007
Reitanna: big thud2.wav
bewagne: Knife_Woosh_Fast.wav
Adam_N: Door Impact 5.wav
Lex777: WoodenFloorFootsteps_Boots_02.wav
BC arrow shoot.wav
humga: heavy fabric dancing
DineoMichelle: Smacks
usamah: crouching and standing up in a dress
ftpalad: unzipping-bag
giddster: fireplace burning
Stondi: floorboards creaking
Ryding: Bookshelf, find books.wav
Robinhood76: 04108 closing display glass cabinet.wav
Steampunk Crossbow Shot 2 http://www.freesound.org/people/qubodup/sounds/219456 by Iwan ‘qubodup’ Gabovitch http://freesound.org/people/qubodup under CC-BY 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/legalcode


Orbital Romance by Sir Cubworth

Personally, I think it worked pretty well

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