Episode 15: Acclimating

Episode 15: After Which Gnorria is Left Behind

Alright…so I managed. Somehow.

We’re in some deep shit. The school has extended leave by at least another week, which is fine, but that makes three weeks the child spends with me. I’m not saying that this is my fault but I am saying there’s a definite correlation between talk of smoking unicorns and the duration he’s spent with me. I don’t know what it means…but he’s started talking about it three days ago and hasn’t stopped. He’s also whispered, “[ItMe], one day when we’re all alone, I’m going to eat you.”

And he goes to a Christian school. His teacher already suspects I’m the spawn of Satan. It hasn’t helped that I’m sure he’s asked if Jesus coming back from the dead makes him a zombie.

So…the return will be…promising. To those of you inclined to do so…you may want to pray for me.

About the podcast, I recorded it once from 8pm to 11pm on a Tuesday…so it works. It’s just a bit…odd to be working out loud so late. The music I chose, I love, and I think is right up Nova’s alley. To Otis McDonald, who puts this up for free on Youtube you didn’t have to go that hard, but you did and I love you for it.

I’m almost going to miss Gnorria-658, and all the ice sound effects. But I’m excited to be going elsewhere because quite frankly, we’ve been on this planet for too long and the next one is warm. I just…have to…get us…there. And decide how this stupid place sounds and…all sorts of…editing…and minisodes…maybe we’ll just stay on Gnorria. It’s not that bad, right??



Otis McDonald: La La La

I swear I’m using the right link and this is what’s coming up. Just…follow it? Honestly, I’m probably going to use this some day anyway. Think of it as an investment.

Spazz Cardigan: Raw Space

Sound Effects all from Freesound.org

LloydEvans09: Metal drawer

Huggy13ear: Rope pull 2.wav


Raulitoto: Rope Kots – Nudos Cuerda.wav

Jrssandoval: putting on seatbelt.wav

Sagetyrtle: dishes.wav

Postworkflow: JanglingKeys-Sauer.wav

Speedygonzo: Lock.wav

Brunoboselli: Dragging Kayak

Reitanna: big-thud2

yoyodaman234: metal-impact-2

justinvoke: metal-clank-1

dineomicheele: smacks

indigoray: belt buckle

bassboybg: touchscreen keyboard

fedsmoker: jacket zipping and rustling

reitanna: big thud2

jskrundz: carpet footsteps

dwoboyle: spaceship door open

weejee-vdh: Velcro

peridactyloptrix: servo noises

soundmary: footsteps on metal

electroviolence: wind tunnel

trebblofang: spaceship engineroom 1

ddunkley: footsteps on metal

gmtechb: 4beeps 01

edgardedition: clicks

momedelport: zipper zip and unzip sound effect

deleted_user_3330286:  DrummingFinger[Norberd]

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