Episode 16 and Organization

Episode 16: In Which Someone Is Punished
Episode 17 Preview: In Which Plot is Revealed

An update and a preview today! I am currently writing the first draft for the second arc. In fact this morning I finished episode 6, listened to the episodes I’m posting today and almost got whiplash.

Kid’s school is now closed indefinitely, so that means that I must get accustomed to the new schedule. It’s been working so far, I am contemplating the merits of cleaning out my closet so I can just record in there.

Lesson this week? .

ORGANIZATION! Guys, guys…guys…I organized my sound effects and oh my god, it’s like I’m a new person. Yes, for the last few months I have literally been sorting through 100’s of sound effects organized by who knows what algorithm in my download folder because I was too lazy to organize it. Well, did you know that stay at home orders are boring? If you didn’t: stay at home orders are boring. You know what’s marginally less boring? Organizing sound files. You know what’s truly beautiful?? Finding the sound you were looking for in under a minute.

I have been wasting so much time.

I still have no idea what I’m doing. Like…the more I try to look, the less I know. My dream for now is to just…level up to whatever sound system thingy adobe uses. I mean, Audacity is fine, but I’ve seen the Adobe system and I’ve gotta say, it’s really sweet looking. It has a user friendly interface! I’m about to sell my left…just my entire left, for it. Who needs a heart?

Anyway, I’m still chugging along,

Best ItMe

Voice in Preview: ItMe MiniVersion (brother)

Music for the preview

Five Armies by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3762-five-armies
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Sound sfx from Freesound.com

Sfx episode 16

chair-leather-sit-down-get-up-creaks-smooth, kyles

foley-crinkling-bag-of-chips, alineaudio

eating-chips, ryanharding95

fist-hitting-hand, timmeh515

boots, beeproductive

barefoot-walking-footsteps-wooden-floor, ericssoundschmiede

hittingboxingbag, 140084

soft-impact, lipalearning

swinging-on-creaky-chain-swing, cgeffex

footsteps-on-metal, ddunkley

kicking-an-empty-20-oz-beer-can, tomlija

locker-openclose, gthall

8-bit-spaceship-startup, japanyoshithegamer

short-ping, unfa

metal-creaks-groans, cell31-sound-productions

metallic-groan, johnzwick45

emergency-siren, onderwish

sitting-on-chair-2, renatofarabeuf

clipping-unclipping, jasonelrod

device-powering-up, spoonsandlessspoons

fan-industrial-old, adam-n

lock, speedygonzo

chainrattle, mikaelfernstrom

metal-drawer, lloydevans09

heavy-fabric-dancing, humga

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