Episode 17: Reviews

Episode 17: In Which Blame is Assigned (4.08.2020)

Hello All,

We got out first review! It was a glowing one, five-stars! But this leaves me with the problem about what to do with them. Let’s get this clear, this review made my day. I shared it with everyone including my parents. If I hadn’t lost my apple id password about…six months ago…I’d respond and tell the reviewer personally.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to reviews, feedback, and comments, what do I do with them? I’ve been putting this discussion off because nobody was talking about my podcast, but now I can’t use that excuse anymore.

The fact is, I cannot afford to tie my self-esteem to these things, nor can I take any story based suggestions they may offer, (This review, in particular, did nothing of the sort. It was positively lovely.), because the story cannot be impacted by the audience. If it is, the characters will no longer serve the story, rather the fans and while that may work in some cases, for some people, it will not work for me. I will, however, consider feedback on sound design, clear writing gaffs (i.e. what the fuck did that even mean, I’m so lost, and that was very OOC) , and general tips. Compliments will always be appreciated (please, feed my ego), insults will likely last longer, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Thankfully, I know myself pretty well, so the entire first arc has been written and planned and the entire second arc has been outlined and is in the process of being written (1/4 of the way through the first drafts…what you’re hearing in the show is probably close to the 4th or 5th drafts) and the third has been sketched to avoid my latent need to please people. But I wonder how other creators deal with this, especially as the reviews get more negative.

In other words, I’m super happy, and I had to make some decisions this week. If you feel like it, reviews, feedback, comments, and sound design tips are all welcomed. Especially that last one. Please. I have no idea what I’m doing.



Sfx list from freesound

metal-drawer, lloydevans09

handcuff-clink, listentonyboy

crouching-and-getting-up-dress, usamah

hitting-bed-with-pillow, krnash

texture-faux-fur, yuval

fidget-cube, flashtrauma

heavy-fabric-dancing, humga

footsteps-on-metal, ddunkley

soft-impact, lipalearning

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