Episode 20: Bureaucracy

Episode 20: In Which Bureaucracy is Experienced (4.29.2020)

No, I’m not saying anything about the political atmosphere today (though I’ve dropped enough hints on my twitter for most people to figure out where I am) Nay, today we shall discuss the bureaucracy of intergalactic bullshit!

I was clearly inspired by my experiences at the DMV.

A full eight minute episode! I thought I was going to die when I put all the audio together and saw it go past 5 minutes of dialogue, to 6…to 7 without any of the sound effects in place.

Anyway, the idea is that this specific outpost is a small town thing. It’s not well prepared to address much more than basic file work and it’s most definitely not ready for the nonsense Hatov’s about to bring to it. Braylin Laen is also a long suffering bureaucrat, who hates pretty much everything about dealing with people. She doesn’t know much about Hatov’s situation and is really just trying to fill the orders she’s been given.

This one was really fun to write and there’s quite a bit of background and world building involved. In fact, I believe this is the first encounter the series has with the Galactic Union and it’s not even seen through Nova’s fairly…cynical lens. We get just the barest peek of what lies behind the curtain, sorry it’s not a full on, THIS IS HOW THE EMBASSY WORKS FOLLOW THIS LINE HERE, but I think it’s a pretty good introduction anyway. Haha! Score 1 for me.

Struggle this week?

Uhhhh…still trying to figure out the sound, but I’m not too upset with the outcome. With what I know this is the best I can do. Recording was, meh, but given how long this episode was, I didn’t want to risk…you know…rerecording and having to shift all the sounds around so I just…sorta…convinced myself it wasn’t too much of a problem.

FUN FACT: Receptionist B, the one who just decides not to look deeper into a problem because she’s not paid well enough, is one of my all time favorite background characters.

Sound effect (freesound.org)

Cribbler: door open close int

Ith stp: bell4

Usamah: Crouching and getting up dress

Sacredmatt: chair squeak

Flashtrauma: fidget cube

Cameronmusic: ping 2

Bellick: Hit table

Acrober: rolling in chair 1 2

Inspector J: door front opening a

Humga: heavy fabric dancing

14gpanskahonc petr: 07 man walking wooden floor

Avakas: high heels on wooden floor

Saeedxp2600: candy jar

Sethroph: glass slide 4

Ultradust: sliding chair on hardwood floor

Kbnevel: scratching skin

Inspector J: clap single 10

Skyernaklea: creaking door 04

Screenplaytheater: st chair ruckus

Adam N: door impact 5

Wavjunction com: sewing pin through fabric


Night In Venice by Kevin MacLeod

Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/5763-night-in-venice

License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

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