Episode 31: Value

Episode 31: In Which Value Determined (7.15.2020)

What is your value, as a person?

Like, legitimately, what is your value? Do you rank it in happiness? Usefulness to others? Usefulness to family? Monetary gain? Political power? Homeownership?

How would others rank you and on what criteria? Does sense of humor factor in? Beauty? Sex? Clothing? Credit score?

Do some people value you more than you value yourself? Do you value people less than they value you? What relationship dynamics happen when these values don’t match?

Honestly, these are relationship questions I’ve been asking about both myself and the big three in season 2 and oh my god do things get weird. I like making relationships and snarky characters, I like strain and push and pull. I fucking love bickering, biting dialogue and people endlessly trying to one up each other, but to make it make sense, you need very specific relationship dynamics.

And that will change as their relationship progresses as they both do a bit of growing up and their values change both to each other and those they interact with. I’m not entirely sure if the acerbic responses can be completely maintained, I hope they stay, but to be fair, I barely got to decide on Nova and Hatov’s personalities at all.

They came to me fucked up.

OH, I almost forgot. If you listen and have questions, I’m thinking about doing a quick Q&A episode once the finale is finished. You can contact me at incopodcast@gmail.com


MY PRINTER WORKS AGAIN! It was beautiful. Also, the two guards at the beginning, they’re idiots and I love them, but they need to be stopped. I tried my best and this episode in particular has a ton of effects, not the number, but how I used them and all the editing it took. I think it turned out alright for the amount of skill that I have (which is admittedly not much). I have also been slacking on the twitter front. I am absolutely horrible with all forms of social media. I either get stressed or bored. This time, it’s bored, but I’m going to power through…somehow.



Sound Effects List (from freesound.org)

Coral island studios: 01 footsteps sand

Lipalearning: soft impact

Usamah: crouching and getting up dress

chubbers1995: fabric sounds

zerolagtime: microphone feedback7

inspector: door front opening a

kyster: bell 03

meggiepie: squeaky wheels

noirenex: deepscan

ipaddeh: door unlocking

cribbler: door open close int

lamamakesmusic: buttons switches various on off

tvilgiat: locked door

kyles: crowd int medium small regional airport main waiting room Inuktitut voices nunavut

kodack: trying to open a locked door


Waltz (Tschikovsky Op. 40) by Kevin MacLeod

Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4605-waltz-tschikovsky-op-40-

License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

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