Season 2 Episode 1, Back at it Again with my Bullshit

Arc 2 Episode 1: the Visitor (9.2.2020)

A month was not nearly enough time! Ha haha!

I have no buffer.

Because I’m an idiot, coulda made it, but I didn’t for reasons hereto unknown to the realm of man.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Alright, I love Jeanne. And I really want to make this clear, I hate writing “good” people. I really, really do, people who do the right thing just because it’s the right thing are wonderful but I find them to be very boring characters. I like grey areas. You’ll see this a lot in her relationship with Nova.

It was also really fun to write and the power shift that Jeanne’s appearance causes is just…it’s a playground.

As for season 2 progress, I’ve written 22 episodes in the last month, bringing the Grand total to 30 and it’s still not done and there’s no way in hell to edit it until after I finish and rewind. Because…reasons.

So, we’re starting strong with a Brand New Intro, old one…I do not remember what you used to sound like…I’m sorry. I’ve already forgotten.

For many reasons, I did not write Nova’s full recovery arc into the show. It will be included in a series of minisodes because it is, yes, pure indulgence, and has literally nothing to do with the overarching plot. There’s some character development in there, but nothing you can’t glean from conversations that happen around the incident.

Personal Life

Okay, first of all, I wasn’t kidding about the dog

This is Obsidian, yes, I do have a sense of humor, glad you noticed. He’s a Great Pyrenees…I think, the way we got him was kinda…but he has the dew claws and literally all the worms. Like…all the worms. He’s on meds so he’s fine but…it was all of the worms.

He’s eleven weeks, knows sit, down, crate, come here, drop it, leave it, and the all important no, which is almost enough to overshadow the fact that he has no idea what his name is.

There will be no going back to school for my younger brother, so I am here helping out indefinitely which should surprise precisely no one. Maybe there’ll be a vaccine, maybe not. Personally I think my family has already suffered through it with minor symptoms but since we can’t get a test…well, I’m not going to bury a child or my grandparents because my hunch was wrong. These are not betting numbers folks.

In case you haven’t noticed by the lack of a logical narrative for this post, I am feeling 100% better than the last time I posted. Burnout be damned.

Funny thing about a dog, it’ll put you on a schedule. I go outside now, multiple times a day, for lengthy walks…and wake up and go to bed at normal times, eat regular meals…it’s almost like…a decent sleep schedule…and exercise…help with mental health…and…like I already knew that…and had just stopped caring. Well, would you look at that, I’ll be damned.

Nothing like the threat of having to clean dog pee off the floor to convince you it’s time to leave.

And nothing like trying to stop a dog from chewing on your furniture to distract from the daily dose of bullshit that has been packaged into the lovely year of 2020.

Here’s some good news, because sometimes you have to find what makes you not want to crawl into a ditch a cry.

Lung cancer deaths are getting rarer due to new treatments (my Grandma beat cancer this year, and stopped smoking, yay!)

Affordable prosthetics can be 3D printed (I know that they should be affordable regardless, but shut up, I need this)

There’s been some headway in figuring how to help polluted rivers

The polio-virus has been eradicated in Africa!!

California has just put down the first recycled plastic road in the US




Sound Effects List

Air Purifier 2ultradust
Accidental noise zoom h6inspectorj
airlock 1 3 sec mastbeerbelly38
bar scenekraigpartridge
beachbreak cobblestoneseelke
car suspencesion creaknmscher
crowd clapping inside a bar in chile valparaisofelix blume
crowd in a bar lcrleandros ntounis
dogs barking animal shelter soundsjbp
fireplace burninggiddster
floorboards creakingstondi
ice crack 4 ecfike
indoor adult murmur small groupsplicesound
lantern swinginghappy boozer
mishio bern kitchen and restaurantstrannix1979
night amb 0325gthall
oceanwaves and cricketseelke
outdoor crowd applause 07debsound
soft windflorianreichelt
spaceship engineroom 1trebblofang
through a street market in sao paulo brazil feiraamoyssiadis
tunnel ambience 150hz wide like road tunneltimbre
walla medium sized church jmbphilmes

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