Season 2 Episode 4: LeViTy

Arc 2 Episode 4: Breakfast (9.19.2020)

Where my levity at?? Come back?? Please, for the love of all that is good and holy bring it back.

Nah, it comes back next week. I know I’ve been on that heavy shit, but it was important to address the mental state and the power shifts of all the characters and unfortunately…most of them aren’t in the best place…ha…haha…does life imitate art?

This has been a rough week.

Anyway, silence is so weird in podcasts, like I have to make the conscious decision to add an awkward silence or the barest gap in a conversation and all the sudden there’s meaning to it. Wild. Also, here’s a minisode as a bonus.

Minisode S2 E1: Nova Healing

No, there’s no levity there either

2x Lamb chops drop into hot frying pan and cook, turning over half way, hot oil, sizzle, spitZapSplat
Metal pan lid put on pan 2ZapSplat
sizzle 2.flactim.kahn
Lidlifted and back.wavMediaman57
Acoustic Percussion – Random Objects » Plate.wavRutgerMuller
Cooked pasta scrape from pan with wooden spoon 2Zersplat
Metal hitting lid of container shortjorickhoofd
scraping pan.mp3anemicrose
cereal bowl.wavcognito perceptu
crouching and getting up dressusamah
heavy fabric dancinghumga

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