Season 2 Episode 8: Jealousy

Season 2 Episode 8: Landing (10.21.2020)

Well, it’s time to address the one thing that I positively hate admitting, and that’s that I’m horribly, bitterly, jealous.


Fuck this shit.

Anyway, jealous of whom?  Arcadia Station Podcast.  Why?  Well, they’ve released like 4 episodes and have as many views in the last 3 months as I have had in a year.

And yes, they deserve it.  Their podcast is promising, the characters are interesting and the worlds are well developed.  And of course I’m going to continue listening to it, even gave them a 5 star review.

I’m just really, really, jealous and all I can do about it, is admit it to myself and continue chugging along.  I mean, their success has basically no impact on my chances for growth or anything else for that matter. 

You are always going to compare yourself to others, humans were crafted to seek out patterns, but it’s always driven me crazy that the only solution most give to dealing with jealousy is “don’t have it”…like…how the fuck?  Bruh, if I could control my emotions I certainly wouldn’t be writing what I write.

So, I find that just admitting it and allowing yourself to feel it, lets me move on faster. 

Anyway, in brighter news, InCo is nearly a year old!  I’ve learned so much and am having so much fun making my little story.  I find myself enjoying reading the scripts and watching my characters grow.  I hope you all stick around as season 2 starts to take off.

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Bosch vacuum cleaner hose clip into basezapsplat
Coiled hose pull, shortzapsplat
Depressurization of the brakes of a train.mp3Oscar de Ávila
Air Conditioner, Rotating Fan, A.wavInspectorj
Air compessor pumping up pressureFree-Rush
Jet engine startupSamsterBirdies
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