Season 2: Episode 9, Religion

Season 2 Episode 9: Unia (10.29.2020)

Let’s get this out of the way, I have no problem with religion. I know how this episode comes off, but I repeat: I have no problem with religion. My only issue is when religion is abused and used to justify cruelty or to control a population.

That being said, this was a really, really fun episode to write.

Personally, I think religions that are fairly local, tend to relate very closely to the scientific method. 100%. Religion is a lens with which we choose to explain the world, finding a tree who’s roots keep your land from degrading and being swept away by heavy rains and calling it a god is such a good way to protect the fucking tree!

Like, it’s a manner in which people pass down important, and often scientifically relevant information for generations. Now we have papers and scientific evidence, but what is science, if not religion by another name? Some watch the winds and pray to altars and many a day they come out on top.

For all our scientific toys and doodads, sometimes, it’s just old fashioned know how that we really need.

walla medium sized church jmbphilmes
carpet footstepsjskrundz
fp footsteps boots concrete floorcmusounddesign
crouching and getting up dressusamah
heavy fabric dancinghumga
book on a tablemanuelaurreaf
sliding door opening and closingmusicandsoundyay
short ping!unfa
Picking up and Putting Down Object.wavmrh4hn
Industrial irrigation sprayer hose retracting machine ticking, whirringzapsplat
UI, HUD, Hologram, Closezapsplat
Church bell.wavAudeption
Chinese Vocal Group, Shanghai BiennaleRTB45

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