Season 2 Episode 11: Xavier

Season 2 Episode 11: Contacting the Contact (11.6.2020)

I had way too much fun doing this weeks episode. Xavier, for the record, is a non-binary human, they prefer they/them, but don’t mind other pronouns. Don’t ask about the voice…I have nothing with which to defend myself.

As I said, I had fun.

THE CHEETO IS GONE. FUCK YEAH. It’s nowhere near over, but this is the lightest I’ve felt in years.

Hope this episode finds you well



Sound Effects

wooden creakmafon2
carpet footstepsjskrundz
crouching and getting up dressusamah
heavy fabric dancinghumga
chair leather sit down get up creaks smoothkyles
door front opening ainspectorj
door open close intcribbler
hit tablebellick
soft impactlipalearning
fidget cubeflashtrauma
Bed Squeak.aifjackstrebor
Knife Stab Pull.wavneilsher
Hits on woodAiwha
Match strike, light up cigarette, exhale.wavAldebaranCW
 Zigarette nehmen, anzünden, rauchen, aschen.wavBockelSound

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It me. Who wrote this? It me. Why is the sound quality so bad? It me. Who voiced it? Honest to god, if it wasn't me we got a problem.

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