Season 2: Minisode, Stargazing

Minisode: Stargazing (11.18.2020)

I really, really enjoy writing soft moments like this one, but there isn’t a lot of use for it in the main series. That’s part of the reason I started the minisodes at all. The main series is very plot driven, every episode serves a purpose, even if it doesn’t feel that way, and this minisode…really doesn’t…have one. This moment has no impact on the story, there’s no grand discovery, no pushing to knock the next domino over, or moment to help flush out the world.

Nova and Hatov go stargazing.

They talk.

It’s just a small, quiet, and slightly sad episode that takes place under the stars. And I think there’s something very pretty about it, something alluring about the silences that fill the space between them.

I’m just really pleased about how this episode turned out.

Stargazing with Subtitles

A special thanks goes out to Melissa, whose reaching out and support made this episode possible.

Sound Effects List

Walking through dense grass with backpack.wavshredder10
Grass Slide,Grass Scuffyeemeng
Grass FallsProject_Trident
Coger botella.wavMichaelGillighan
Alcohol FXEvil_Ear_Recordings
Pouring drink and ice from metal cocktail shaker into glass 1Zapsplat
Cardboard box of glass bottles open 1Martinimeniscus

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