Season 2 Episode 13: I forgot

Season 2 Episode 13: Blood (11.24.2020?)

Yup…I was on top of literally everything except the blog…so…

There’ve been two weeks of revelation, and I think I’m slowly growing in popularity, which is to say, I’m gaining subscribers and collecting more views. JUST got 4,500 downloads which is super exciting and terrifying…like…what if I drop the ball?

This post literally just exists for the sfx list

My bad.

crouching and getting up dressusamah
heavy fabric dancinghumga
drawer opening and closingdersuperanton
metal knockingbenjaminnelan
soft impactlipalearning
Electric welding with tig – Full cycleldezem
Plastic Click Hitdeleted_user_7146007
Wooden box lid opening and closingBenjamin152
hammer put downcupido-1
Music box 02.wavLG
Metal Creak 2.wavingudios

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It me. Who wrote this? It me. Why is the sound quality so bad? It me. Who voiced it? Honest to god, if it wasn't me we got a problem.

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