Season 2 Episode 14: Twitter, Insta and Social Media

Season 2 Episode 14: Done (12.2,2020)

Alright, here it is.

I don’t like the social media aspect of podcasting, and I don’t think I ever will. I’ve never really enjoyed social media in a true sense, like, at all. I deleted my FB in college, my personal insta basically has a single picture of me and one of my dog. I’ve never bothered learning the rules and the follow-follow back dynamic.

But, here’s the thing, in order to be a success, people have to know that you exist, and that is…difficult to say the least. I have nothing but respect for people who just run social media accounts, hell, influencing on youtube is an artform and requires a work ethic I’m honestly dying to find. This is my largest blind spot, and I’m trying to decide whether or not it’s worth building up.

Like…if I can learn, I think that I can vastly expand my base, but I’ll be spending time I could spend further developing the world on that, and honestly, I’d rather develop the world.

I’m trying to find a happy medium but I’m starting to wonder if there is one…

Regardless, I think I’ll keep pressing forward, in small steps, the best I can. I have a presence but it’s whisper soft, and I think I’m just going to have to learn to be alright with that. Maybe one day, I’ll just hit the algorithm.




spaceship engineroom 1trebblofang
wood creak 03dheming
carpet footstepsjskrundz
fingers tappinggareth_h
footsteps on metalddunkley
footsteps on metalsoundmary
coathanger rustlingredjim
crouching and getting up dressusamah
heavy fabric dancinghumga
bed foleybsmacbride
beer bottle openingftpalad
ceramic dishescalopa310
door front opening ainspectorj
drawer opening and closingdersuperanton
glass on woododdmonolithsound
pouring wateredsward
sliding door opening and closingmusicandsoundyay
hit tablebellick
metal bang echojamitch2
metal knockingbenjaminnelan
soft impactlipalearning
unlocking metal door .mp3soundmary
VIC 32 engine roomBBELR
Sci Fi Room Tone, Large Hall, Soft VentilationKinoton
 kettle boiling.wavsquashy555
Laxative powder sachet shake 2Zapsplat
Band Aid, plaster paper wrapper tear, rip openZapsplat
Tea Stirringibnfahmi
Pouring a Cup of Teanebulousflynn

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