Season 2 Episode 15: 9 minutes

Season 2 Episode 14: Artificial Gravity

Transcript found here

Nine minutes.

A nine minute episode.

I was not prepared. Not in the least. 20 hours (minimally) on eight minutes of audio. Yes, I am tired. No, I’ve learned nothing.

Anyway, my fight with social media continues. HOW DO PEOPLE ALWAYS HAVE STUFF TO SAY?! Like, I see a comment and people have responses and feedback and my deepest thought about a billion different things is just…lol. Like, yeah, you’re totally right, this is super witty and entertaining, but I do not know you and do not wish to engage in a conversation. I’d like to leave a li’l heart and dip, if you please.

What I do answer, I take a very long time in doing so. Like 15 rewrites and then a 75% chance of deletion. I know a lot of people say the internet makes you feel closer to people than you really are, but I have a much easier time communicating when I can see people face to face.

Face to face you can be charming, read the room, razzle dazzle your way through an ill-thought out sentence and, you know, just have opinions and have people question them and have a dialogue. Like…an actual dialogue, so much of the internet feels like talking at people, rather than with them.

I know it doesn’t have to be this way, people who are good at it, somehow overcome this but…

This is killing me. How do you social media, and, like, why? I’m so bad at it, how do people know how to work this?!

I’d say this is where my podcast will frickin’ die, but oddly enough, I’m doing something, right. Like something because my subscriber count is steadily ticking upwards and my views (downloads only) have been increasing per episode. So, somebody is talking about me, I’m gaining some sort of popularity. But I’ll be damned if I can tell you how or what the hell I did right. Maybe the show just speaks for itself??

I’m trying, but like…maybe I’ll just go to post something once or twice a week or so. Just…lock the stupid accounts and post sporadically.

I’m so tired of this




emergency sirenonderwish
39 abrazo hugcabusta9
footsteps on metalddunkley
crouching and getting up dressusamah
zipper zip and unzip sfxmornedelport
metallic thumpzurfr
fidget cubeflashtrauma
metal latching 1-2lucaslara
compressed airRodzuzFreesound – “compressed air” by Rodzuz
Metal ScrewingnicStage
Rope Sliding.wavcmilo1269
Rope pull 2.wavHuggy13ear
Seat belt pulling and clickingevsecrets
Unzip, dig through bag, zipjeffdutton10
Rhythmic Air Pumpflood-mix
 Click of a Motorcycle Helmet Visorrylandbrooks
Spooky Sucking Airhykenfreak
Hangman, rope, drop with thud as rope tightens on wooden beamZapsplat
Length of old rope pull, rub over wooden beam, joist 5Zapsplat
Flag flap, short, no wind sound 2Zapsplat
Dehumidifier Pulsing Low
Pneumatic grease bombprnkys
Small metal hoop, ring, slide along short metal pole 1ZapSplat
Large metal box lid open 2ZapSplat
Angle grinder cut empty metal oil drum, short burstZapsplat
Hatch Seal.wavPaul368
Base alarmdeleted_user_7313090
Foley Fight Moves Strugglingleonelmail
Hatch/Door CloseJustInvoke

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