Season 2 Episode 17: 44 seconds

Season 2 Episode 17: 44 Seconds (12.23.2020)

What lengths am I willing to go through for a joke?

Insane ones, forgive me.

I worked really, really, hard on the sound design for this one. Every new area has a new soundscape and this one almost killed me…I still…have…no idea…what I’m doing.




Please, if anyone has any tips. Please sent them my way.



wood creak 03dheming
pull something out of pocketbarkerspinhead
lock speedygonzo
soft impactlipalearning
Water drop big.wavQuistard
puddle footsteps.wavpatchytherat
Pipe Flush (Blub)magnuswaker
growl beast.wavBratok999
rujido 3.wavpepingrillin
Beast Roar lvl2.wavcylon8472
 Rubber Metal Wood Impact Collision Bangqubodup
Water Splash.wavceberation
Water on Wood_1-2.aiflucaslara
jump into water splash sound.wavNIkhill Kumar
Small Tricklemarco_luzi
Expandable Baton Sounds.mp3Tairblenn
cantaloupe getting hit with a bat.wavnatemarler
05913 swimming loop.wavRobinhood76
Snapping, Wooden Fence, G.wavInspectorj
Barrel Break 4.wavkevinkace
swishes with feather.flacTobbarebble
Flapping wings of a bird, foley with leather gloves. Slow but strong movement.SmartSound
Flapping wings of a bird, foley with leather gloves. Very nervous and fast movement.SmartSound
Water splash, child jump into swimming poolZapsplat
Ambience, Drone, Atmo, Soundscape, Scifi, Space, Hum, Evolving, LOOPS SEAMLESSLYPMSFX
Multimedia, sci-fi game, achievement, could be power up or level upPMSFX
Boat oar paddle strokesZapsplat
Boat, kayak, gentle wavs lap agains hullZapsplat
Sailing boat moving, water, onboard recording
Wet Splat 2.mp3nebulasnails
Wind blow, mouth.wavWesselorg
Boat, kayak launch into water, slide off wooden surface with splashZapsplat
Boat, kayak, float next to and bang into wooden jettyZapsplat
dropping big heavy rocks 1.wavHalleck
FOLEY – WOOD SWORD FALL.wavcjosephwalker
Rubbing leather steering wheel BMW 118i.wavVincePest11
Sitting down on dining chair, wooden, cushioned (recorded from underneath) 1Zapsplat

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It me. Who wrote this? It me. Why is the sound quality so bad? It me. Who voiced it? Honest to god, if it wasn't me we got a problem.

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