Season 2 Episode 18: Benjy

Season 2 Episode 18: Benjy (12.30.2020)

Fuck Benjy and his stupid voice that took 3 hours of my time to record and correct, and just…fuck Benjy.

As you can imagine recording has been a struggle this week. It’s fine, I’m fine. I finished.

Update on Social Media Struggles:

I’m talking to people. Not a lot. But it’s more than before. I’m still pretty sure literally nobody realizes I exist, which is fine and to be expected.

I actually find it funny because these people write these genuinely nice and good characters. A war criminal doctor with strong ethical values (The Pasithea Powder), a researcher who is willing to sacrifice himself to save the lives of others (Jar of Rebuke), children trying to kill ‘the old man in the sky’ to protect other religious “deviants” and make a better (different) world (Desperado) and so on, and I have this fucking ragtag crew that’s not even trying to be good. I mean, Jeanne’s a straight up murderer (who knows how many people she’s killed? It’s more than 10). And I’m just like, “love them please”?

I mean, even the antagonist isn’t really evil.

Do I have a shot in hell at connecting?? Who knows, but at least I know the podcast…society(??) exists. So…like…that’s progress.




through a street market in sao paulo brazil feiraamoyssiadis
wood creak 03dheming
crouching and getting up dressusamah
pull something out of pocketbarkerspinhead
book on a tablemanuelaurreaf
hit tablebellick
Boat oar paddle strokesZapsplat
FOLEY – WOOD SWORD FALL.wavcjosephwalker
Bamboo Chimes, A.wavInspectorJFreesound – “Bamboo Chimes, A.wav” by InspectorJ
Wood HitalegemaateFreesound – “Wood Hit” by alegemaate
14-Nails Scratching-consolidated.wavsouth_africa_jenFreesound – “14-Nails Scratching-consolidated.wav” by south_africa_jen
Kick woodjorickhoofdFreesound – “Kick wood” by jorickhoofd
Pencil drop on tableZapspalt

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It me. Who wrote this? It me. Why is the sound quality so bad? It me. Who voiced it? Honest to god, if it wasn't me we got a problem.

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