Season 2 Episode 23: Progress

Minisode: PT
Season 2 Episode 23: Flying Lessons (2.03.2020)

I have not properly processed what’s going on with my podcast. In the entire month of January, last year, I received 71 total downloads, this January, I’ve gotten 1,264. Like, that’s nearly 18 fold increase.

I can’t.

Process it.

Also, I had enough time to make a minisode. I know this is somewhat glossed over in the main series, but that stab wound really did a number on Nova. She has regular physical therapy sessions with SAWA to keep the scar tissue from mucking up her GI tract.

She is obviously not a fan.

To anyone wondering, as this is unlikely to come up in the main show. The meds Hatov purchased for Nova were somewhere on the opioid spectrum, which is why she was pretty out of it for a lot of these shorts.

Episode SFX/Minisode SFX

crouching and getting up dressusamah
book browsing1animatik
soft impactlipalearning
door metal groans extcell31-sound-productions
fidget cubeflashtrauma
rubbing metalpsychopancake
Metallic groan long.wavCrinkem
squeaky chair.wavvckhaze
Emergency alarm or siren, beeping warning tone 2Zapsplat
blanket throwingakelley6
crouching and getting up dressusamah
spaceship door opendwoboyle

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