Season 2 Episode 24: Princely Charm

Season 2 Episode 24: Princely (2.10.2021)

I’ve had a ton of fun making this. Nova told Hatov to “throw some of that princely weight around until something sticks” and oh boy…he does…like…he fucking goes for it.

Chell…I am so…very, very, sorry.

Perhaps he’ll warm up to her? Also, voicing Chell was seriously some of the most fun I’ve had voicing someone in a while. Like…it rivalled Xavier levels of fun.




boots on aluminum ladder 02eelke
walkie talkie staticcrcavol
fidget cubeflashtrauma
Emergency alarm or siren, beeping warning tone 2Zapsplat
Large Low Rumble Passing.wavduckduckpony
Aircraft interior landing ambience – aircraft makes final approach and lands on runw…Zapsplat
Pick Phone Up + Down 1FlatHill
Door, Spaceship, Scifi, big, ImpactPMSFX
steps in high heels.wavanagar
G28-24-Whispering Crowd Walla.wavcraigsmith
FX – Beep bomb countdown 2PITCHEDsenses
Sci Fi Scanner (Loopable)neopolitansixth
Room RummagingTimmeh515
Heavy metal door_3-1.Squeak.Impact.Lock clicks.Lock the bolt(10lrs,mltprcssng,rvrb3).wavnewlocknew
Cruiser Flyby.wavBenboncan
Science fiction, telemetry, computer, power up, power on, electronic, modulated, sci-fileser vibes
Abstract, dreamy, blurry, hazy, game audio, UI, notification, action, lush, reverb, beauti…PMSFX
Buzzing, Electric Lamp, A.wavInspectorj
Bathroom, air conditionerFox Audio
Applause, polite, short, echoey spaceperidactyloptrix

Voices From The Depths by MusicLFiles

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