Season 2 Episode 26

Season 2 Episode 26: Prisoner (2.24.2021)


  1. Alright, quick update. I am now the own of the ItMe! Podcast Production LLC because I am not fucking changing my name.
  2. I have accepted an offer to write on another show, (it’s a monster of the week type thing which I can’t precisely say it’s my style, but I think it’s important that I learn how to work with others so I’m pretty excited) more on that pending once I figure out precisely how much I’m allowed to say.
  3. I…landed the lead in another production…as a VA…somehow…
  4. Buzzsprout; my love and the creator and holder of my RSS feed has been under a cyber attack (?). Anyway, they’ve been doing their best to keep my stuff up and running, but it’s not perfect. I’ve lost at least 100 views, which sucks, but they were transparent and open, so I don’t really have any complaints about their handling of a truly shitty situation.
    1. Told you the mental turmoil of superheroes when properly explored would be hella interesting.
    2. Maybe Wanda will actually get to go to therapy

That’s all, March is gonna be pretty busy.

Also the next episode was super fucking hard to voice act and the sfx are killing me. Like, it’s awful. I don’t want to do it…TT . TT



wood creak 03dheming
clap single 10inspectorj
person sitting and rising soft chairsgcardinal
crouching and getting up dressusamah
book on a tablemanuelaurreaf
rummaging in a drawercaitlin 100
hitting bed with pillowkrnash
soft impactlipalearning
Boat oar paddle strokesZapsplat
Wood HitalegemaateFreesound – “Wood Hit” by alegemaate
 immersion in a bath and getting out of the bath.wavZabuhailo
180242Rubbing (Skin)
dry with towel.wavjrssandoval
01-10 Footsteps, Tile, Male Barefoot, Slow Pace.wavSpliceSound
Footsteps, slippers dragging on tile.wavSpliceSound
Birds Singing 03.wavDCPoke
Marble Church.wavchimerical
Door, Spaceship, ScifiPMSFX
Footsteps, barefoot on wet tile.wavSpliceSound
Underwater [Loop] AMB.wavDCSFX
Getting out of the pool.wavJuan_Merie_Venter
 Drop stuffed toy hardmanuelaurreaf
Sitting down on mattress 2Zapsplat.com
Duvet and pillow movements like making bedZapsplat.com
05687 morning birds ambience.wavRobinhood76
pen clicking.wavSkeetMasterFunk69
frotar dos folios entre si.wavoscarurbon
writing – pen 01.wavAnthousai

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