Season 2 Episode 29: Adventure

Season 2 Episode 29: Adventure (3.17.2021)

Oh to be a girl going through an android hallway, discovering mysterious rooms.

To be real with you, I almost forgot to make this post today. There’s not much to say other than, I hope we’re making our way to the finale. I’m dragging here.

It was the stupid trash chute episode. Burned out all my neurons.

In some really cool news, the @/Desperado_Radio started following me on twitter and I am a huge fan. Like the sound design alone…if I could do that…dear god, I’d be unstoppable.

I feel a little like…Troy in community did when he met LeVar Burton. Like…I was just retweeting because I’m a simp for his show. I didn’t want his attention in any real capacity…

I can’t disappoint him if he isn’t aware of my existence. Don’t look at me and my silly little stories.

And please never read this. He definitely shouldn’t be interested enough to read the fucking blog posts…right? From what I can tell, he hasn’t listened to my show. *Crossing fingers that it stays that way*.

But ItMe!! what if he likes it?

I’ll die anyway, just not from shame. To keep me alive, ignorance is key.

But ItMe!! it’s not cool to put people on a pedestal.

He’s not a person, he’s a construct of a person I’ve built in my head, based on like seven tweets and his podcast…he’s basically the equivalent of a manic-pixie-dream-girl. If I meet him (which I won’t) I’ll revise with a ton more reality thrown into the mix.

But damn that sound design is fucking amazing.




Air Purifier 2ultradust
2 deslizarcarolinagg
footsteps on metalddunkley
footsteps on tilejtnewlin13
crouching and getting up dressusamah
zipper zip and unzip sfxmornedelport
book browsing1animatik
glass on woododdmonolithsound
karabiner click 05rudmer_rotteveel
rubbing metalpsychopancake
Sci-Fi Door.wavfordps3
Buzzing, Electric Lamp, A.wavInspectorj
Wall Hit 3Timmeh515
Tapping, Window, Single, A.wavInspectorJ
Indoor Fish Tank without Bubble strips Ambiance.wav7778
Button press with beep, Brother AX-450 electronic typewriterZapSplat
Wooden box on wooden tableBenjamin152
Silk dress flopping down into chair.wavtdumoulin
 Cutting Metal Wiremargotdots
 Handling Metal Wiremargotdots
Cola pour a small amount into a glass of ice and fizz. Version 1Zapsplat
Acid pour on skin, burn, sizzle 2Zapsplat
Small amount of water in drinking glass movement 2Zapsplat
Hospital metal security door openZapsplat
Hospital metal security door closeZapSplat
Book slide in and out of bookshelfZapsplat
Cardboard box movement on shelf 3Zapsplat
Science fiction keypad input correct toneZapSplat
Home Phone Keypad SoundJZProductions
paper sliding and falling gentlypauliperez1999

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