Season 2 Episode 32: Torpedo

Season 2 Episode 32: Torpedo

I called my Grandma up out of the blue and asked her to give me a word. I used it for the title. She hasn’t heard the episode yet…so the title makes no sense. I did this just to bother her.

I haven’t gotten to see her in any real capacity for about 4 months now so…I just have to mess with her…for…reasons…

Also…I have absolutely no idea why the first word that came to her mind was…of all things…fucking “torpedo”. But then again she texts me regularly, runs a website and her own business, and other things, so maybe it’s a new internet craze I’m not privy to. I’ll never know.

Anywho, emotions and cool stuff all wrapping into a season finale that will be (according to buzzsprout) our 69th episode. And times like this really make me think about the beauty in nature and random design, because I couldn’t have pulled this shit if I wanted to.



Like…hopefully. It might be super long and split into two. We’ll see. It might be 3a, set up, here’s how Eolara works, oh dear god what have I done? And 3b. Fucking shit up. Either way, it’ll get done in it’s own time. I’m just trying to get to that two week break. 32 consecutive weeks of episodes = I’m fighting the burn, man. We’re almost there. Allllmmmooosssttt there.

spaceship engineroom 1trebblofang
carpet footstepsjskrundz
crouching and getting up dressusamah
book browsing1animatik
chair leather sit down get up creaks smoothkyles
glass on woododdmonolithsound
put cup on coffee machine tabledrzoom
sipping coffeealdenroth2
spaceship door opendwoboyle
hit tablebellick
Pouring a Cup of Teanebulousflynn
Paper drawn with rustleMafon2
Mattress movement creak 2ZapSplat
Person sitting down on mattress 1ZapSplat
Person getting out of bedZapSplat
Spaceship_Door_Close.wavDWOBoyleFreesound – “Spaceship_Door_Close.wav” by DWOBoyle
A4 sheet of paper slide out from under another 2ZapSplat
Paper notepad set down on table 1ZapSplat

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