InCo is a really big and really fun experiment.

I’m not sure if this will ever get *big* but when I was looking for advice on how to start out and how it was supposed to feel (spoiler: it’s fucking terrifying) I came up with people speaking from success. I wanted a running log of how it felt to be pushing through the hardships in real time. It’s hard to describe intense uncertainty when you already know that you’ll be fine. So, I made the blog. Sometimes the entries are more personal than others, (the events of 2020 should be self-explanatory). Sometimes it’ll go through how I feel, or what I learned, stages of apathy, excitement, and consideration. The sound effects are at the end of each post, I just found it easier to organize it that way. The records improve as time goes on (if you find I didn’t credit you and I was supposed to, e-mail me at and I’ll fix it as soon as possible)

Intro Music:

The Show Must Be Go by Kevin MacLeod

Outro Music

Sincerely by Kevin MacLeod

Season 2 Episode 18: Benjy

Fuck Benjy and his stupid voice that took 3 hours of my time to record and correct, and just…fuck Benjy. As you can imagine recording has been a struggle this week. It’s fine, I’m fine. I finished. Update on Social Media Struggles: I’m talking to people. Not a lot. But it’s more than before. I’mContinue reading “Season 2 Episode 18: Benjy”

Season 2 Episode 17: 44 seconds

What lengths am I willing to go through for a joke? Insane ones, forgive me. I worked really, really, hard on the sound design for this one. Every new area has a new soundscape and this one almost killed me…I still…have…no idea…what I’m doing. No Fucking Idea Please, if anyone has any tips. Please sentContinue reading “Season 2 Episode 17: 44 seconds”


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