InCo is a really big and really fun experiment.

I’m not sure if this will ever get *big* but when I was looking for advice on how to start out and how it was supposed to feel (spoiler: it’s fucking terrifying) I came up with people speaking from success. I wanted a running log of how it felt to be pushing through the hardships in real time. It’s hard to describe intense uncertainty when you already know that you’ll be fine. So, I made the blog. Sometimes the entries are more personal than others, (the events of 2020 should be self-explanatory). Sometimes it’ll go through how I feel, or what I learned, stages of apathy, excitement, and consideration. The sound effects are at the end of each post, I just found it easier to organize it that way. The records improve as time goes on (if you find I didn’t credit you and I was supposed to, e-mail me at and I’ll fix it as soon as possible)

Intro Music:

The Show Must Be Go by Kevin MacLeod

Outro Music

Sincerely by Kevin MacLeod

Minisode: Wash Day

I LIVE Here’s a minisode while I try to remember what the fuck a Hatov is spaceship engineroom 1 trebblofang carpet footsteps jskrundz crouching and getting up dress usamah heavy fabric dancing humga chair leather sit down get up creaks smooth kyles hit table bellick soft impact lipalearning reading “Minisode: Wash Day”

Episode 35 Season Finale

InCo will return 7.28.2021 I’m not entirely sure what to do with all that free time, but we’ll see. wood creak 03 dheming emergency siren onderwish 01 footsteps sand coral island studios carpet footsteps jskrundz footsteps on metal ddunkley footsteps on tile jtnewlin13 heavy fabric dancing humga zipperContinue reading “Episode 35 Season Finale”

Episode 34: Somewhere to Go

Alright, we’re in the home stretch!! Are Hatov and Nova friends yet??? No, not really, but dear god are we getting closer (At least, not in a way that Nova’s willing to acknowledge. Girl, I swear to god…). NOVA OPEN THE FUCK UP I’M TIRED. It’s been wild with the recent uptick in viewers andContinue reading “Episode 34: Somewhere to Go”


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