Minisode Episode 1

Episode 1:
Nova (Singing, with the sound of a wrench)
How many times has this bolt come undone?
If it loosens there’s a chance
My lungs will explode and— oh my god I think I’m finally going to lose it
Hello, this is Nova…no relation or denomination worth tracking or speaking of…date is somewhere between the 45th and 64th of whatever stupid lunar cycle they use on the nearest embassy planet.  Year…19876 or 19877 if we’re going by the Imperial…which nobody around here does, because there is nobody around for Aeons.  Tried asking the droid but…
Sawa what day is it?
It is the first of Imperial year 19870
That’s the sound of a complete reset.  Remember, no matter how infuriating they are, a hard shut down of a droid is something you will regret.  Every.  Damn.  Time. 
Prognosis…about what you’d expect trapped in the middle of space on a ship by yourself and fast running out of food which is…normal…at this point.
I may have miscalculated the travel distance involved in this last jump…again.  Never was good at accounting for the drag.  Luckily, trajectory is holding and space is as vast and empty as it should be.  Unluckily, my ship is a piece of shit and my timepieces have had most power diverted to more…pressing tasks, radio’s on the fritz, and my translator has been infected by some virus crap that make anything south of Surrondir sound like garbled shit.
I’m keeping a log for…obvious reasons, every inco needs one, and it’s high time I stop hoping people just decide not to have me killed and actually make some consequences.  Also, and more importantly, I’m fucking terrified I’m going to fall asleep, and seeing how I am the one piloting this shit and Sawa is trying to keep our buddy here alive, it’d be nice if we didn’t die on the way there.
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