Religion’s Role in InCo

Religion in the context of InCo is primarily used to explain goings-on and will be touched upon briefly on a few planets. The destruction and bastardization of religions, sacred areas, and gods to further political agendas and assimilation will be a driving factor in the development of some planets.

The Convent

Nova grew up in a convent run by the sisters of the cyantic faith. Her childhood was fairly normal, though she had a rough time making friends, she was observant and quick-witted.

Nova frequented the church, sat through services in the dusty greys provided by the orphanage, though she didn’t see the point in praying. She learned how to read and write by using the tomes, and learned to cook and farm under the tutelage of the nuns.

However, the convent was poor and in order to keep the majority protected and fed, the sisters occasionally sold off children and frequently sold information to InCos. Nova was slated to be sold when she struck a deal with Jeanne.

Nova’s Atheism

Nova despite having been raised in a very religious environment had never been all that religious herself. She often questioned the tome she was handed, trying to parse out why she was meant to accept it as the norm. The nuns weren’t very forthcoming or patient with her, being short-staffed and finding it difficult to supply both the kids and themselves with the things they needed.

Once she found out that children were being sold and the nuns had been able to justify it through a single paragraph passage, Nova’s relationship with the church (and any religion for that matter) ended.

It was shortly after this revelation that she discovered Jeanne and the other deals the nuns were making.

Lulu’s Headscarf

Alula wears a headscarf to show her faith. She has a vast collection of scarves and continues to buy more on each planet. Once she left her home planet, Alula found that her religion simply didn’t explain everything she learned. As she lost her faith, she lost the feeling of community that came with it.

She stumbled onto chosen her religion by chance, going into the place of worship on a whim. The people were welcoming and kind and she found the religion to be the natural extension of the one she’d grown up with, so she converted.

Unfortunately, her route takes her away from planets where this religion is common, so she wears the scarf to feel better connected.

Hatov’s Religion

Hatov’s religion primarily revolves around “the goddess” a benevolent spirit that has bestowed divine favor on the royal family, gifting the royal eyes to the children best fit to lead and cleverness to the king/queen/ruler to know who to choose.

It is thanks to her kindness that Eolara has witnessed hundreds of years of planet-wide peace.

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