Season 2 Episode 4: LeViTy

Where my levity at?? Come back?? Please, for the love of all that is good and holy bring it back. Nah, it comes back next week. I know I’ve been on that heavy shit, but it was important to address the mental state and the power shifts of all the characters and unfortunately…most of themContinue reading “Season 2 Episode 4: LeViTy”

Episode 15: Acclimating

Alright…so I managed. Somehow. We’re in some deep shit. The school has extended leave by at least another week, which is fine, but that makes three weeks the child spends with me. I’m not saying that this is my fault but I am saying there’s a definite correlation between talk of smoking unicorns and theContinue reading “Episode 15: Acclimating”

Evolution and Episode 6!

Alright, I learned a thing. I learned some things. First of all, I’m writing this on a Monday which pretty much shatters all my previous records. Look at what actual time management does! Just look at it!! This is wild. Second of all, I was experimenting. So to get the full effect it’s probably bestContinue reading “Evolution and Episode 6!”

Introducing Episode 2

In which copious amounts of set-up happens and I almost lose my voice! Hey, we’re getting close to finding out what the hell Nova does. Will the title make sense in this episode? Will we learn what Inco means? Why is it important enough to be the damned title if its a nonsense word? ItMeContinue reading “Introducing Episode 2”