Season 2 Episode 14: Twitter, Insta and Social Media

Alright, here it is. I don’t like the social media aspect of podcasting, and I don’t think I ever will. I’ve never really enjoyed social media in a true sense, like, at all. I deleted my FB in college, my personal insta basically has a single picture of me and one of my dog. I’veContinue reading “Season 2 Episode 14: Twitter, Insta and Social Media”

Season 2: Minisode, Stargazing

I really, really enjoy writing soft moments like this one, but there isn’t a lot of use for it in the main series. That’s part of the reason I started the minisodes at all. The main series is very plot driven, every episode serves a purpose, even if it doesn’t feel that way, and thisContinue reading “Season 2: Minisode, Stargazing”

Season 2 Episode 5

I’m a teeny tiny bit distracted right now, I’m watching the debate. I had something interesting…but…uh…this fucking trainwreck…I can’t look away. Uhm, here’s the stuff… I’m so sorry, but I legit I can’t function…It took me like 5 minutes to write this. There’s an…uh…a what do you call it, a minisode…Hatov’s mom is in it,Continue reading “Season 2 Episode 5”

Season 2 Episode 2: Still here

Almost done writing the end of the season. Still no buffer. I have vacation brain bad. The sound effects list will be added tonight. Shush, I was late, I know. Edit 9.15.2020 wood creak 03 dheming carpet footsteps jskrundz clap single 10 inspectorj doggrowl4 tobiaskosmos crouching and getting up dress usamahContinue reading “Season 2 Episode 2: Still here”

Episode 24: Conversations

I legit think this is the first conversation between Nova and Hatov in which they actually just talk to one another. No trying to figure out what the other is trying to do, no trying to outsmart the other and oh my goodness, character…well not growth, but reveals. THEY ARE FUCKING CATHARTIC. Trying to informationContinue reading “Episode 24: Conversations”

Episode 20: Bureaucracy

No, I’m not saying anything about the political atmosphere today (though I’ve dropped enough hints on my twitter for most people to figure out where I am) Nay, today we shall discuss the bureaucracy of intergalactic bullshit! I was clearly inspired by my experiences at the DMV. A full eight minute episode! I thought IContinue reading “Episode 20: Bureaucracy”

Episode 14: And the Coronavirus

Sup? Social distancing fucking sucks. I know why we need it, I understand that the immuno-compromised and the elderly are at risk, but it seriously blows. It just…sucks. Anyway this’ll be short because all schools have let out and my being the only adult nearby under 50 has led to babysitting duty. So far thisContinue reading “Episode 14: And the Coronavirus”