Episode 22: Redemption

Yes, this is the one episode name that I completely and utterly hijacked simply because JEANNE IS BACK. Yes, the muppet sounding woman from episode one except…she’s intelligible now! It’s my win. MY. WIN. No, I’m not competitive. Particularly not with something that I can’t possibly lose because it’s obviously not a competition. Why do…

Episode 21: Doom and Gloom

Hi! I’ve officially spent more than 50 days on lock down!! I’m pretty sure I’m starting to lose it. Looking for positives…started growing cantaloupe, strawberries, onions, garlic, and potatoes. Why? Because I need to buy back the illusion of control. This is fine. Anyway, this episode was fun to make. I especially enjoyed the shopkeeper….

Episode 20: Bureaucracy

No, I’m not saying anything about the political atmosphere today (though I’ve dropped enough hints on my twitter for most people to figure out where I am) Nay, today we shall discuss the bureaucracy of intergalactic bullshit! I was clearly inspired by my experiences at the DMV. A full eight minute episode! I thought I…

Episode 18: Motivation

There is none this week. Sound Effects List (Freesound.org) chain-rustling: nathanmanaker handcuff-clink: listentonyboy calculator-typing-fast: australopithecusman writing-pen-01: moai15 215415-unfa-ping-modified: shinephoenixstormcrow carpet-footsteps: jskrundz chain: coetzee-megan12 Impact: plastic-drop-on-carpet__coldvet metal-click-sound: mkoenig janglingkeys-sauer: postworkflow scratching-skin: kbnevel tapping-fingers: livvy0221 carpet-footsteps: jskrundz lock: speedygonzo hermandv: robot-beeping-responsive-sfx quintin-cloth-pass-jacket: theshuggie spaceship-door-open: dwoboyle

Episode 17: Reviews

Hello All, We got out first review! It was a glowing one, five-stars! But this leaves me with the problem about what to do with them. Let’s get this clear, this review made my day. I shared it with everyone including my parents. If I hadn’t lost my apple id password about…six months ago…I’d respond…

Episode 11 they’re friends now!

Hi All, I am…lying. Yeah, no, they…they do not get along for quite awhile. I know they’re in character and all, truly, but…god do they hate each other, which means that I stand in a room crafting an argument one side at a time and let me tell you…that feels weird. Like, really, really, weird….

Episode 9 and what happened to the Minisode?

Hey, yeah…no minisode this week. These episodes used to take me forever, but I’ve finally found a system that works for me (last three episodes or so). For reference, just putting an episode together (the lines, not the sfx, just the readings) used to take around eight hours, it now takes just over three…so I…