Season 2 Episode 2: Still here

Almost done writing the end of the season. Still no buffer. I have vacation brain bad. The sound effects list will be added tonight. Shush, I was late, I know. Edit 9.15.2020 wood creak 03 dheming carpet footsteps jskrundz clap single 10 inspectorj doggrowl4 tobiaskosmos crouching and getting up dress usamahContinue reading “Season 2 Episode 2: Still here”

Episode 31: Value

What is your value, as a person? Like, legitimately, what is your value? Do you rank it in happiness? Usefulness to others? Usefulness to family? Monetary gain? Political power? Homeownership? How would others rank you and on what criteria? Does sense of humor factor in? Beauty? Sex? Clothing? Credit score? Do some people value youContinue reading “Episode 31: Value”

Episode 28 and Another Minisode

Hi, In case you haven’t noticed, I wasn’t too sure what to do with my life for the last two years or so. I made this podcast because, I had time, and I wanted to get my name out there. Also, I fell asleep twice during Ad Astra and thought it could do with aContinue reading “Episode 28 and Another Minisode”

Episode 26: I Continue to Continue

The world may be on fire, but goddamn it I’m still going to see this through until the end. Arc 1 is 33 episodes long, 7 left to go. When I told myself this was going to be difficult back in October, I did not expect a pandemic and I sure as hell didn’t anticipateContinue reading “Episode 26: I Continue to Continue”

Episode 25 and THIS Bullshit

No, coronavirus wasn’t enough, now we have a full-blown race riot quickly trying to turn into a race war. You don’t know this, but the national guard is in my city. Cops are tear gassing people after making sure they have nowhere to go. They’re shooting rubber bullets, they have sonic cannons which frankly isContinue reading “Episode 25 and THIS Bullshit”

Episode 21: Doom and Gloom

Hi! I’ve officially spent more than 50 days on lock down!! I’m pretty sure I’m starting to lose it. Looking for positives…started growing cantaloupe, strawberries, onions, garlic, and potatoes. Why? Because I need to buy back the illusion of control. This is fine. Anyway, this episode was fun to make. I especially enjoyed the shopkeeper.Continue reading “Episode 21: Doom and Gloom”

Episode 18: Motivation

There is none this week. Sound Effects List ( chain-rustling: nathanmanaker handcuff-clink: listentonyboy calculator-typing-fast: australopithecusman writing-pen-01: moai15 215415-unfa-ping-modified: shinephoenixstormcrow carpet-footsteps: jskrundz chain: coetzee-megan12 Impact: plastic-drop-on-carpet__coldvet metal-click-sound: mkoenig janglingkeys-sauer: postworkflow scratching-skin: kbnevel tapping-fingers: livvy0221 carpet-footsteps: jskrundz lock: speedygonzo hermandv: robot-beeping-responsive-sfx quintin-cloth-pass-jacket: theshuggie spaceship-door-open: dwoboyle

Episode 17: Reviews

Hello All, We got out first review! It was a glowing one, five-stars! But this leaves me with the problem about what to do with them. Let’s get this clear, this review made my day. I shared it with everyone including my parents. If I hadn’t lost my apple id password about…six months ago…I’d respondContinue reading “Episode 17: Reviews”

Episode 16 and Organization

An update and a preview today! I am currently writing the first draft for the second arc. In fact this morning I finished episode 6, listened to the episodes I’m posting today and almost got whiplash. Kid’s school is now closed indefinitely, so that means that I must get accustomed to the new schedule. It’sContinue reading “Episode 16 and Organization”

Episode 15: Acclimating

Alright…so I managed. Somehow. We’re in some deep shit. The school has extended leave by at least another week, which is fine, but that makes three weeks the child spends with me. I’m not saying that this is my fault but I am saying there’s a definite correlation between talk of smoking unicorns and theContinue reading “Episode 15: Acclimating”