Episode 19 and Days

I don’t have a lot of time to write this, so I’m gonna keep it short. Schedules are important, but it’s hard to keep track of them when every day feels like Sunday. Hence my not having a lot of time. I still have to record tonight. I mean, I frikkin’ sat and just watched…

Episode 18: Motivation

There is none this week. Sound Effects List (Freesound.org) chain-rustling: nathanmanaker handcuff-clink: listentonyboy calculator-typing-fast: australopithecusman writing-pen-01: moai15 215415-unfa-ping-modified: shinephoenixstormcrow carpet-footsteps: jskrundz chain: coetzee-megan12 Impact: plastic-drop-on-carpet__coldvet metal-click-sound: mkoenig janglingkeys-sauer: postworkflow scratching-skin: kbnevel tapping-fingers: livvy0221 carpet-footsteps: jskrundz lock: speedygonzo hermandv: robot-beeping-responsive-sfx quintin-cloth-pass-jacket: theshuggie spaceship-door-open: dwoboyle

Episode 17: Reviews

Hello All, We got out first review! It was a glowing one, five-stars! But this leaves me with the problem about what to do with them. Let’s get this clear, this review made my day. I shared it with everyone including my parents. If I hadn’t lost my apple id password about…six months ago…I’d respond…

Episode 16 and Organization

An update and a preview today! I am currently writing the first draft for the second arc. In fact this morning I finished episode 6, listened to the episodes I’m posting today and almost got whiplash. Kid’s school is now closed indefinitely, so that means that I must get accustomed to the new schedule. It’s…

Episode 15: Acclimating

Alright…so I managed. Somehow. We’re in some deep shit. The school has extended leave by at least another week, which is fine, but that makes three weeks the child spends with me. I’m not saying that this is my fault but I am saying there’s a definite correlation between talk of smoking unicorns and the…

Episode 14: And the Coronavirus

Sup? Social distancing fucking sucks. I know why we need it, I understand that the immuno-compromised and the elderly are at risk, but it seriously blows. It just…sucks. Anyway this’ll be short because all schools have let out and my being the only adult nearby under 50 has led to babysitting duty. So far this…

Episode 13: And Sound Design for Movies

Did you know that a lot of the sound we hear in movies, even live action ones, are added in post? From everything to the footsteps to the conversations and the *tink* of glassware? Because I sure as hell didn’t. Lesson this week? Check the live-action films too. Also, there’s a buzzing in the background….

Minisode 9: Lulu

SURPRISE! It’s been a long time. I love making these stupid little things, they’re going to get really rough though because I just don’t have the time. This is a little clip from Nova and Alula before the start of the show. I love their dynamic because Nova’s so freaking soft and Alula knows it….

Episode 12: Aleera

Hi Everyone, I fucking love Aleera. I love every one off character I’ve made and they all have backstories because I am a fool and no one can stop me. Anyway, Aleera’s just casually murderous, why? I mean they’re a valuable prostitute during a time of political instability. They will literally kill anyone they even…

Episode 11 they’re friends now!

Hi All, I am…lying. Yeah, no, they…they do not get along for quite awhile. I know they’re in character and all, truly, but…god do they hate each other, which means that I stand in a room crafting an argument one side at a time and let me tell you…that feels weird. Like, really, really, weird….