Episode 33: 14 Minutes

I almost died. I have the “ability.” I lack the will power. At some point your brain turns against you, you look at your reflection and the person in the mirror whispers, “stop”, but it’s already too late. Anyway, InCo official updates will return on September 1st. I can’t wait to work on the otherContinue reading “Episode 33: 14 Minutes”

Episode 32: Desperation

First and foremost, I am one episode away from a month of freedom! Haha! HAHAHA! Secondly, this is the longest episode of the series, so far, and the next episode is only going to be longer. I am not looking forward to it…at all. After that, there’ll be a 4-6 week hiatus while I finishContinue reading “Episode 32: Desperation”

Episode 31: Value

What is your value, as a person? Like, legitimately, what is your value? Do you rank it in happiness? Usefulness to others? Usefulness to family? Monetary gain? Political power? Homeownership? How would others rank you and on what criteria? Does sense of humor factor in? Beauty? Sex? Clothing? Credit score? Do some people value youContinue reading “Episode 31: Value”

Episode 30: Apparently, I don’t breathe a lot

TW: Anxiety Attack I almost threw up three times recording this episode. Hyperventilating is not a fucking joke, oh my god. I ended up just recording 30 seconds of it and then overlaying the tracks. The takes where I didn’t do this tended to sound better, so…there’s a mix, and just know that breathing atContinue reading “Episode 30: Apparently, I don’t breathe a lot”

Episode 29 and Nova

Minisode TW: Loss of a loved one, brief suicide ideation Hi, Yeah, this week’s episodes are a little darker than usual. Heads up on the minisode, suicide is not the topic, but I’m not sure how much of a mention is triggering to relevant individuals. I’d rather be over cautious than just…you know…fuck up someone’sContinue reading “Episode 29 and Nova”

Episode 28 and Another Minisode

Hi, In case you haven’t noticed, I wasn’t too sure what to do with my life for the last two years or so. I made this podcast because, I had time, and I wanted to get my name out there. Also, I fell asleep twice during Ad Astra and thought it could do with aContinue reading “Episode 28 and Another Minisode”

Minisode! Meeting SAWA

Yes, it’s been a while, yes, everything is one fire, yes it’s the end of the world as we know it. But guess what? I got my shit together this week and *boom* minisode…honestly cannot tell if I’m an optimist or a pessimist at this point. Sound Effects List ddunkley: footsteps on metal usamah: crouchingContinue reading “Minisode! Meeting SAWA”

Episode 26: I Continue to Continue

The world may be on fire, but goddamn it I’m still going to see this through until the end. Arc 1 is 33 episodes long, 7 left to go. When I told myself this was going to be difficult back in October, I did not expect a pandemic and I sure as hell didn’t anticipateContinue reading “Episode 26: I Continue to Continue”

Episode 25 and THIS Bullshit

No, coronavirus wasn’t enough, now we have a full-blown race riot quickly trying to turn into a race war. You don’t know this, but the national guard is in my city. Cops are tear gassing people after making sure they have nowhere to go. They’re shooting rubber bullets, they have sonic cannons which frankly isContinue reading “Episode 25 and THIS Bullshit”

Episode 24: Conversations

I legit think this is the first conversation between Nova and Hatov in which they actually just talk to one another. No trying to figure out what the other is trying to do, no trying to outsmart the other and oh my goodness, character…well not growth, but reveals. THEY ARE FUCKING CATHARTIC. Trying to informationContinue reading “Episode 24: Conversations”