Episode 13: And Sound Design for Movies

Did you know that a lot of the sound we hear in movies, even live action ones, are added in post? From everything to the footsteps to the conversations and the *tink* of glassware? Because I sure as hell didn’t. Lesson this week? Check the live-action films too. Also, there’s a buzzing in the background.Continue reading “Episode 13: And Sound Design for Movies”

Minisode 9: Lulu

SURPRISE! It’s been a long time. I love making these stupid little things, they’re going to get really rough though because I just don’t have the time. This is a little clip from Nova and Alula before the start of the show. I love their dynamic because Nova’s so freaking soft and Alula knows it.Continue reading “Minisode 9: Lulu”

Episode 12: Aleera

Hi Everyone, I fucking love Aleera. I love every one off character I’ve made and they all have backstories because I am a fool and no one can stop me. Anyway, Aleera’s just casually murderous, why? I mean they’re a valuable prostitute during a time of political instability. They will literally kill anyone they evenContinue reading “Episode 12: Aleera”

Episode 11 they’re friends now!

Hi All, I am…lying. Yeah, no, they…they do not get along for quite awhile. I know they’re in character and all, truly, but…god do they hate each other, which means that I stand in a room crafting an argument one side at a time and let me tell you…that feels weird. Like, really, really, weird.Continue reading “Episode 11 they’re friends now!”

Episode 10 and…Chicago Apparently

Hi, So, you might be thinking, “oh the episodes got short again…she must be doing this because she’s trying to release them faster” and to that, I laugh. I laugh heartily. No, my children, I wrote the entire first arc out in November, there was no such foresight. I am simply a very lucky fool.Continue reading “Episode 10 and…Chicago Apparently”

Episode 9 and what happened to the Minisode?

Hey, yeah…no minisode this week. These episodes used to take me forever, but I’ve finally found a system that works for me (last three episodes or so). For reference, just putting an episode together (the lines, not the sfx, just the readings) used to take around eight hours, it now takes just over three…so IContinue reading “Episode 9 and what happened to the Minisode?”

Episode 8: Hey, I’m Writing this on Sunday!!

Hello, hello! Records shattered, I know. I got sick this week and having nothing better to do with my life, just poured a shit ton of time into the sound design for this episode. I’ve done a thing though, something smart…ish, also known as something that should’ve been done from the frickin’ beginning. I madeContinue reading “Episode 8: Hey, I’m Writing this on Sunday!!”

Minisode 8 and Life

Fact: All the editing in the world cannot fix the fact that I am physically unable to say sneak snacks. If you listen very closely you can hear the sound of my incompetence. Uhm…lifewise…hmm…I’m currently watching Cats and Dogs the sequel with my younger brother. It is clear that control is an illusion, life isContinue reading “Minisode 8 and Life”

Episode 7 and Failure?

Hi, I’m tired. I’m very tired. I spent a lot of time on this episode and I’m not entirely sure that I’m happy with it. But I did learn a lot by doing it. So…failure or…learning opportunity…? I’m gonna brand it as a learning opportunity. This week’s challenge (2 weeks really) EXPLOSIVE P’s. May theyContinue reading “Episode 7 and Failure?”

Minisode 7: Have I found a rhythm??

Hello, Guess who’s no longer going straight to the line for updates? This woman! And this is like the third week in a row, not to mention that the next episode has already been recorded! This week’s problem is *drum roll* acting. None of the lines came out the way I wanted them to. WhatContinue reading “Minisode 7: Have I found a rhythm??”