Episode 33: 14 Minutes

I almost died. I have the “ability.” I lack the will power. At some point your brain turns against you, you look at your reflection and the person in the mirror whispers, “stop”, but it’s already too late. Anyway, InCo official updates will return on September 1st. I can’t wait to work on the otherContinue reading “Episode 33: 14 Minutes”

Episode 19 and Days

I don’t have a lot of time to write this, so I’m gonna keep it short. Schedules are important, but it’s hard to keep track of them when every day feels like Sunday. Hence my not having a lot of time. I still have to record tonight. I mean, I frikkin’ sat and just watchedContinue reading “Episode 19 and Days”

Episode 16 and Organization

An update and a preview today! I am currently writing the first draft for the second arc. In fact this morning I finished episode 6, listened to the episodes I’m posting today and almost got whiplash. Kid’s school is now closed indefinitely, so that means that I must get accustomed to the new schedule. It’sContinue reading “Episode 16 and Organization”

Minisode 9: Lulu

SURPRISE! It’s been a long time. I love making these stupid little things, they’re going to get really rough though because I just don’t have the time. This is a little clip from Nova and Alula before the start of the show. I love their dynamic because Nova’s so freaking soft and Alula knows it.Continue reading “Minisode 9: Lulu”