Season 2 Episode 4: LeViTy

Where my levity at?? Come back?? Please, for the love of all that is good and holy bring it back. Nah, it comes back next week. I know I’ve been on that heavy shit, but it was important to address the mental state and the power shifts of all the characters and unfortunately…most of themContinue reading “Season 2 Episode 4: LeViTy”

Episode 29 and Nova

Minisode TW: Loss of a loved one, brief suicide ideation Hi, Yeah, this week’s episodes are a little darker than usual. Heads up on the minisode, suicide is not the topic, but I’m not sure how much of a mention is triggering to relevant individuals. I’d rather be over cautious than just…you know…fuck up someone’sContinue reading “Episode 29 and Nova”

Minisode! Meeting SAWA

Yes, it’s been a while, yes, everything is one fire, yes it’s the end of the world as we know it. But guess what? I got my shit together this week and *boom* minisode…honestly cannot tell if I’m an optimist or a pessimist at this point. Sound Effects List ddunkley: footsteps on metal usamah: crouchingContinue reading “Minisode! Meeting SAWA”

Episode 13: And Sound Design for Movies

Did you know that a lot of the sound we hear in movies, even live action ones, are added in post? From everything to the footsteps to the conversations and the *tink* of glassware? Because I sure as hell didn’t. Lesson this week? Check the live-action films too. Also, there’s a buzzing in the background.Continue reading “Episode 13: And Sound Design for Movies”

Minisode 7: Have I found a rhythm??

Hello, Guess who’s no longer going straight to the line for updates? This woman! And this is like the third week in a row, not to mention that the next episode has already been recorded! This week’s problem is *drum roll* acting. None of the lines came out the way I wanted them to. WhatContinue reading “Minisode 7: Have I found a rhythm??”

Evolution and Episode 6!

Alright, I learned a thing. I learned some things. First of all, I’m writing this on a Monday which pretty much shatters all my previous records. Look at what actual time management does! Just look at it!! This is wild. Second of all, I was experimenting. So to get the full effect it’s probably bestContinue reading “Evolution and Episode 6!”

New Mic and Episode 4!

New mic! You know what that means!! A whole new host of problems I have no idea how to deal with, but the sound quality is sooo much better. Alright, customary disclaimer, my headset was being weird so I’m not sure if it’s just my headphones or if the entire podcast is about to playContinue reading “New Mic and Episode 4!”

Minisode…is this four? I’m gonna say four.

Is one of the lines clearly not recorded at the time as the other lines? …yes. Hello, ItMe again, I am apparently not invincible and I’ve caught what I like to call a cold of inconvenience. Is my nose running? No. Am I tired all day with a low grade fever that follows me aroundContinue reading “Minisode…is this four? I’m gonna say four.”

Episode 3: I’m so fucking tired

This episode gave me hell and a half. I apologize in advance for the audio quality. I was going to give it one more try but now my mic sounds like I’m trying to impersonate Alvin and the Chipmunks. For the record, I am not. Anyway, the time I was supposed to spend on thisContinue reading “Episode 3: I’m so fucking tired”

The First Minisode

Hi ItMe again presenting the first minisode! Minisodes will not be nearly as clean as the official series, because they are literally the most slapdash things. They don’t even get an intro because most will between 2-3 minutes long and I really don’t feel like that’s worth it at this point. Most episodes will notContinue reading “The First Minisode”