The Galactic Union

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The Galactic Union is a galaxy wide organization run from the Sunorix, an asteroid orbiting a hollowed planet. The G.U. was formed with the sole purpose of uniting the Galaxy and spreading beneficial technology and information from planet to planet.

After hundreds of years 312 planets have officially joined. Each planet shares vital information via the galactic database.

The Union has embassies stationed on each planet. The cost of maintaining union relations varies from planet to planet, about half the union pays a flat rate, the other half pays a percentage of the entire planet’s GDP.

Relations with InCos

The G.U. and InCos have a complicated relationship. On the surface, they stand for two very different things. InCos facilitate the selective distribution of information, while the G.U. stands for sharing all information with everyone. However, reality is a bit less clear.

The G.U. official stance on InCos is a hard one. Most recruits are taught to kill on sight. Legislation has been passed on all planets in the union that makes spreading information via private courier either very difficult or outright illegal.

Sensitive information may be transported via a G.U. sanctioned courier in an emergency or special circumstances.

Most low tier InCos see the G.U. as the enemy and treat them as such, focusing on avoiding guards and distributing information as quickly as possible.

Mid-range InCos are known to visit G.U. outposts and gather information, much of which is intentionally leaked by the union. Both entities are aware of the arrangement, though it is hardly official.

It was my dream to unite the people of the galaxy through vast stores of information. People thought I’d gone looney, the first I mentioned it. When asked why, I said, ‘because it’s the right thing to do’, when asked how I was going to go about doing it, well, I didn’t have an answer to that. I just hoped everything would fall into place, and the crazy thing is, it did.”

The Founder

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