Old Unia Forest

Unia once prized for its natural resources, now mostly serves as a tourist donation, manufacturing destination, and an example of G.U. excellence. It is 60% water and currently 7% forest (down from the original 30%).

The Iocitan people are recognized as the ruling species, though only Unia citizens are officially recognized by the G.U.

Weather and Structure

Unia is a small planet known for it’s temperate weather. It experiences four distinct seasons with weather that varies from -10 C to 32 C, though recent temperatures have been noted to have been 1 to 2 degrees higher than the norm. Days last approximately 30 hours, with 10 hour nights.

Most people here live in large apartment complexes, it’s not unusual for four people to live together in communal units. Wealthier individuals tend to live in orbit, and take the space elevator to reach their homes, and commute.


Iocitan’s are a bright-eyed, excitable species, reaching, on average, about 4 feet in height. Most have four legs and a rough exterior surface, however interspecies mingling has resulted in a series of permutations and some have acquired fur, or more or fewer limbs. In an interest in keeping the Iocitan’s in a “purer” state, the G.U. has incentivized Iocitan-Iocitan marriages, by gifting larger apartments to newly married couples and waiving rent prices for up to two years, depending on the “purity” of the union. Despite their differences, Iocitans as a whole continue to be a notoriously friendly people, so long as they are within their realm of comfort.

Besides the Iocitans there are over 200 ruling species living on planet.


The Iocitan diet consists of fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on meat in the winter months. Since G.U. contact, forced industrial revolution and subsequent population boom, most food is produced synthetically in labs.


The Unia economy is based heavily on manufacturing, tourism, and consumerism. Since there are so few natural resources on planet, much of the raw material is imported from off-planet. Manufacturing provides a wealth of sustainable jobs, while tourism often offers seasonal opportunities for those dissatisfied with factory work.

Unia and the Galactic Union

Unia was first contacted by the G.U. approximately 300 years ago, and is the 50th planet to join the union. Initial contact was made during the worst drought in the planet’s recorded history. The water source, formally known as the “Goddess’s blessing”, that fed a series of agriculturally relevant lands had begun to dry up, while persistent flooding plagued traditionally drier climates, resulting in the death of most crops and a nearly planet wide famine.

The G.U., after introductions and negotiations, provided the planet with food and water, setting up a series of laboratories to manufacture a consistent stream of sustenance. A minority of Iocitans, the Unia Elect, formed a small political party as a result, and often pushed for more G.U. control and a series of deals with the Galactic Union.

As time passed, and the Unia Elect grew, as did the reach of the G.U. Eventually, they became the undisputed majority in the Unia cabinet and changed the planet’s name from the original Iocitra, meaning the blessed land, to Unia. As G.U. reach continued to grow, a small subsect began to worship the G.U. as the new gods. Shortly thereafter, the place of the Galactic Union was quickly elevated, though it is not recognized as an official G.U. religion. Those who continued to follow the old religion were persecuted and as time continued, this persecution has become more extreme, this combined with the steady loss of land and the contamination of their water has resulted in a decline of the traditional Iocitan population.

Value to InCos

Unia is a high risk planet. The surveillance and close relationship with the G.U. means that InCos are being watched (for the most part) from the moment they land to the moment they leave. Consequentially, being caught will more often than not, result in death.

However, Unia, is by nature, a very large information hub. As such, if an InCo can get in and out, the planet can provide a lot of up to date and relevant information on a myriad of planets in the G.U., cutting and transportation costs significantly. In fact, a great many InCos call Unia home, as information trading can be done entirely on planet.

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