Eolara is largely regarded as a fairytale planet with quasi-religious connotations. Originally it was credited with the creation of all life and most of the habitable planets. Most places, outside religious groups and convents and similarly religious structures, it’s been relegated to fantasy status.

Character’s hailing from Eolara often have magical powers such as rapid healing, planet shaping, telekinesis, shapeshifting with disregard to mass, and wingless (or similar structure) flight .

According to Hatov, there’s a monarch based power structure on planet. The heir apparent, his older brother, has disappeared. The next king/queen/ruler, is apparently picked by order of birth and based on who inherited the royal eyes. A recessive gene that gives the holder’s eyes a galaxy-like appearance. It apparently shows later in life as he did not have them when he was younger.

The current king has taken at least two wives. One being Wilm’s mother, and the other being Hatov’s, who was a palace maid. In total there are fifteen children officially in the immediate line for the throne, of which, five inherited the desired appearance.

From the episode after “conversation” it’s found that the king works in tandem with a council, though how large and how much power it has, remains unclear. The royal family must abide by a series of rules, the biggest ones discussed so far are that the common people aren’t allowed to touch them, or look them in the eyes.

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