An ice planet, it appears blue and white from space. It’s 40% “ocean” and 60% land. Air consists mainly of oxygen and nitrogen.

It has 5 moons and a series of rings

Weather and Structure

The ice planet. It’s heavily based on the arctic, while Gnorrians themselves are modeled after polar bears. Appearance wise they are furred, with large eyes and foxlike ears.

The average temperature during the day ranges between -50 to -100 C. Night temperatures are brutal.

To go on planet, Nova and most non-native entities (warm blooded) use thick coats, heat masks, gloves and goggles to deal with the surface. More expensive devices include temp. regulators. As such it’s fairly difficult to tell aliens apart, particularly for Gnorrians as most aliens are considerably smaller (Full-grown Gnorrians range from 2-3 meters in height).

Cities are underground, built into snow tunnels. Most homes are placed near heating vents in order to trap heat from the planet’s core.


The diets of Gnorrians generally consists of raw meat or thick meat based soups, though with the introduction of other species they do have imports. However, this type of food is more expensive as storage and preparation require special equipment. Vegetables here are either very tough or very expensive. They do, however, have a thriving liquor industry (very heady) herb heavy. Spices are, of course, imported. Oddly enough with the introduction of new imports, they’ve developed a taste for tea, coffee, and a slew of other warm drinks.


Appearance wise, Gnorrians have thick fur coats. Males have smaller ears and spots, while females have solid coats and larger ears. Their gender is picked during adolescence and children’s coats are generally grey. (Nb do have to choose a sex, but they can decide to keep/switch pronouns as they wish)

Gnorria and it’s Value to Incos

Gnorria-658 is a good place for information gathering as everything there tends to move very slow and info holds for a very long time. However, it’s usefulness is limited as they are fairly new members of the intergalactic council and have yet to provide the council with an embassy. It is important to note that the entire planet is not united and only the monarchy of the largest continent (Iurus) has been officially recognized and granted representation.


Gnorria-658 is home to the Vraka-Calvara conflict, referenced in episodes 4 and 5 (probably a few more). The Calvara is the ruling class on Iurus, and have, under the last two kings (for the last 100 years or so), taken to ignoring the needs of the Vraka class. Recently (within the last 10 years) there has been more unrest as there have been odd weather patterns that has resulted in the more frequent failing of crops. Aid has not been very forth-coming and requests for lower taxes have been largely ignored

So far, they have open borders and accept many non-native species and goods from the union. However, due to their size and available technology very few Gnorrians make it off planet. They have close ties with Canos, a mostly desert planet. Meat is often exchanged for herbs and spices and Catosians are known to come on planet every 5 years to renegotiate prices.

Extra Facts

Those we allow over our threshold, we allow into our hearts

-Gnorrian welcome

Gnorrian homes hold a lot of meaning. They are seen as an extension of self and allowing strangers inside is very rarely done.

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