The Viaci Republic

The name a major country on an asteroid circling Drea 7BP, a planet with a corrosive atmosphere able to eat through most metal alloys and plastics in a matter of hours and organic compounds in a few minutes.

The moon, officially recognized as Madus IX by the G.U., consists of 80% water and 20% land. It’s atmosphere contains an airborne derivative of atropine, known to cause hallucinations in non-natives who visit the surface. Rebreathers are readily available at the embassy and at many of the shops in tourist heavy locations.

The republic is inhabited by two recognized ruling species, the Vioprans (land based), and the Detonians (water based).

Weather and Structure

The Viaci Republic, being an island, tends to have very stable temperatures. Year round it may fluctuate between 15.5 – 29.4 C with 15.5C serving as “winter” temperatures. “Night” comes for the V.R. 4 days out of every 30, as it is on a moon that does not rotate.

Very little gear is needed to go on planet. Since the air contains a hallucinogen that may be dangerous or unpleasant to non-native species, a rebreather is necessary to avoid complications. Foreigners who choose to settle can have a rebreather implanted, though the surgery is notoriously unpleasant and the filter needs to be changed periodically by the recipient.

Homes are often one story, or two stories if in a complex, and small (most consisting of one or two rooms) with bright and intricately painted doorways and facades. Many Detonians do not have official kitchens, preferring a single cooktop, which may be stored when not in use, and a sink.



Vioprans are a long spindly legged people with very large ears and large eyes, they are loosely modelled after the fennec fox. They wear light clothes and scarves to prevent damage from the sun. Full grown Vioprans can reach up to 2 meters in height, though most stop closer to 1.7 or 1.8. Their skin is covered in a light coat of fur that can range from tan to dark brown.

Vioprans can be separated into subspecies based on eye appearance. Red, blue, and black, tend to be hardier, having originated in the more mountainous regions, and the pink, green, and yellow, which originated on the coast, have a comparatively weaker constitution. Vioprans with red, blue, and black eyes, have a hardiness similar to humans, which, with the addition of assistive gear, tends to make them very good InCos, transporters, and delivery people. However, less hardy breeds have difficulties on moderately sized planets.


Detonians are loosely based on mermaids and fish found in the ocean. The deeper one goes, the stockier and more heavily built the detonians become. Those living near the upper layers are often lithe and brightly colored. Those living in deeper regions may have larger eyes, or no eyes at all and others even have bioluminescent features and/or camouflage abilities .

Detonians are separated by region and water depth, though gear has made these distinctions less important. They rarely leave Madus IX due to difficulties involved with launching and addressing their water-based needs. There is equipment available to overcome these problems, but the price is a barrier to most of the populous.

Viopran-Detonian Interactions

Detonian media has become popular in recent years, with the popularization of tablets and radios. This has served to highlight the economic disparity between the two species. Younger vioprans have started to find their parent’s way of life unfulfilling and boring. Looking for adventure and money, many start trying to become relays for detonians, but find that the detonian attitude to be less than pleasant. This has led to an influx in InCos of vioprans going “off-planet” in search of better paying jobs.

It has also, to a lesser extent, led to an uptick in certain elective surgeries as beauty standards on land are impacted by the new media.

Detonians consider vioprans underdeveloped and often refer to them as the “lesser-species”. However, much of their technology is based on the power cells produced by the ores mined on land. This makes detonian-viopran relations a necessary if not enjoyable occurrence.


The diets of both the vioprans and detonians is heavily fish based, however, detonians may supplement this with fruits and vegetables (primarily lentils) grown on planet. The drink of choice on land is tea.


The viopran intergalactic economy is heavily based on the excavation and purification of ores used for power cells. Despite the hard work, vioprans are known for a warm and welcoming culture. Many of their cities exist either on the bits of land or on floating cities. On planet economy is based heavily in agriculture and fishing.

The detonian intergalactic economy is based on tourism. They’ve built giant cities under the waters that are known for their wild architecture, good food, and fantastic sports. Their breathing accommodations are G.U. famous.

The Viaci Republic and the Galactic Union

The galactic union first made contact with the V.R. approximately 80 imperial years ago. First contact was made with the Vioprans. Detonians would make first contact nearly a decade later when G.U. demand for ore disrupted their supply chain. It would take another five years for them to be declared a ruling species.

Currently there is one G.U. embassy on every major landmass and in the four most influential Detonian provinces. However, the introduction of a new mining tool five years ago has increased ore output, driving prices down and resulting in inflation. The G.U. has yet to address this.

Value to InCos

The current inflation rates mean that the imperial dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to, as such, the paychecks earned by embassy workers fail to meet certain standards. Mid-range workers find their salaries to be less than comfortable, while low-range workers often have to pick a second job. As such, it’s easy to buy information from workers who need to make rent, or pay for their child’s schooling, or house repairs.

Technological advancements and info on ore quantity and quality as well as black market sales dates, offers, and deals, can flush out forged alliances and tensions both on and off “planet”. This information, while valuable, is incredibly time sensitive and must be traded quickly (within the next month, if luck holds out, occasionally, within the week.)

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